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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished ~

Doomed by Tracy Deebs
Completed 3/12
4 of 5 stars

This was a different and enjoyable read.  In it, Pandora logs on to a popular game called Pandora's Box, but it soon changes flashes and the screen reads that she must play the game for real, and there is a countdown clock of 10 days until the end of the world unless she beats the game.

I'm not one to pay attention to themes, or underlining meanings of books, I just read the books for the fun of it, but this one was laid on a bit thick with companies of the world ruining the world with the things that they do to it.  That aside, it was quite a different book and very enjoyable.

I enjoyed all the characters, really was rooting for them and really had a hard time putting the book down until I finished it.  It was a fun YA read, and I'd definitely recommend it to lovers of YA or those who enjoy virtual reality in their reads.

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