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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon 10pm-2:30am

Update #5 ~

I'm still here and still going STRONG!! :) 2:30, or so, is my usual time that I start heading to bed, then I usually listen to an audiobook for a half hour or more, so most nights I'm rarely asleep before 3am, usually closer to 4, so this is quite easy for me. I'll probably start to crash around 6 or 7.

So ~ What have I been up to? I ended up listening to my audiobook until 11 I believe it was, before turning it off. I'm sorry for whoever out there loves Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ~ I'm NOT a fan. I don't HATE it, but let's just say I have enjoyed it for my night time reading because it helps me fall asleep. It's sooooooo dull!! Not to mention, not a likable person in the story, so yeah. I'm looking forward to FINALLY being done with it hopefully tonight. After I make some rounds, I'm going to start listening again and get through it finally.

From 11pm-2:30am I read, and finished, The Selection by Kiera Cass. I LOVED it. Great characters and story. I'm thinking about moving on to the 2nd one tonight, but haven't decided. I did have a few distractions, like hubby playing a new Big Bang Theory that we somehow missed watching on Thursday.

Speaking of my hubby, he took a nap today but even when he takes a nap, he's usually in bed around 11-12 and he stayed up with me until 2. YAY!! I just hope he can sleep in, as he typically wakes up soooo early because he's used to it for work.

So, my overall update ~

Read ~ 16 hours total (8-11am, 12-2:30pm, 4pm-2:30am)
Completed ~ 3 books, currently reading 1 other
Current pages read ~ 777 pages (+ listened to roughly 110 pages on audio)
Bloging Breaks ~ 2.5 hours total (11am-12pm, 2:30-4pm)
Food ~ Oreos, Hot Dogs (lunch) & Mt Dew ~ pizza (dinner)
Mood ~ I yawned for the first time at 1:30am, but haven't since. LMAO!! Feeling good, wanna get around to blogs and do challenges! :)


  1. You are doing great! like a pro. My hubby stayed up rather late also, he will enjoy sleeping in while I take a refresher nap tomorrow. And to answer your question... I no longer have wind. I am VERY sleepy, but fighting it with every ounce of determination!

  2. This last book took me a lot longer to read than it should have lol I kept reading the same paragraph twice because I would doze off and forget where I was