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Thursday, March 12, 2015

ARC Review ~ Knight Rider Volume 1

Finished ~ Knight Rider Volume 1 Graphic Novel
Completed 3/12
1 of 5 stars

I'm quite the fan of Knight Rider. I've watched every episode, some of them multiple times. I even watched the reboot of it and didn't hate it (though it wasn't great).

When I saw a Knight Rider Graphic novel on NetGalley, I was super excited about it. Though it took a ton of effort to get (had to download, then had to get programs that could open up ascm files, get more programs, and finally get it on my Kindle, I was sooooo super excited about it.

Then I started reading it. OMG I wish I hadn't wasted 20 minutes of my life to read the thing. It was BEYOND HORRIBLE. Let me just brush quickly on the high (or low as they are) points.

1 ~ It seems to be a reboot of Michael Knight (think of how Star Trek made a reboot of Kirk and them, this is a "new" Michael Knight.
2 ~ When we meet Michael, he has KITT, but he calls KITT "horse".
3 ~ Really! I'm not shitting you. He calls the car "horse" because "what else would a knight ride?" OMG really?!
4 ~ When we meet Michael, he's texting. I hate chat speak, with a PASSION. I could not see Michael Knight using chat speak. It was horrible. Really? Michael Knight is going to ask "where R U?" Ugh. I felt myself losing IQ points just by typing that.
5 ~ We meet a woman, Katherine, who help create KITT and find that she's programed KITT to call her mother. Wow. That was just wow.
6 ~ Michael had overridden some of her protocols for the car, so she overwrote some of his. The poor car.
7 ~ So there was this few page spread in which KITT kept saying "that's not my name" when Michael kept trying to call him horse or car.
8 ~ Finally when Katherine is dying, she tells Michael that the cars name is KITT.
9 ~ Then is the beginning (really, it says "beginning") where the look of Michael changes, I guess it's the real start of Knight Rider when he knows who KITT is?

Then they are in battle with a helicopter and it just ends. Abruptly.

Very very AWFUL. Thankfully, I doubt any of my friends are Knight Rider fans. If you are, remember the real show fondly and stay away from this piece of shit. I'm doing you a huge favor!!

I read the full graphic novel, on GoodReads, it's on there just in sections. Apparently the full novel comes out in May. Don't waste your time, not even on it free from NetGalley!!

Setting = D
Plot = D
Conflict = D
Characters = F-
Theme = D

1 comment:

  1. Wow I didn't even know this was a graphic novel!
    That is too bad that it is so awful! My husband was a huge Knight Rider fan! Guess I won't be recommending this book LOL.
    Thank fo the heads up Karsyn!