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Karsyn's Kickass Jocoserious, Kooky, Jannock book blog: February Reading Log & Wrap-Up Post

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Reading Log & Wrap-Up Post

This is my monthly reading log that I am posting for a swap at Swap-Bot. This month saw the least amount of books that I have read in a year (since the last time I was absorbed in video games!). This is due completely to my new Gaming PC, which I purchased and built myself the 2nd week of the month. You can read about the journey of my PC with the links below. Though I miss my usual amount of books (usually twice this) I'm glad to be able to be enjoying another love of mine ~ Video Games!! So, I'm doing a bunch that I enjoy, and having a good time. My months may be more on this scale for a while, but at least they were almost all really enjoyable books!! :)

Here's what I did manage to finish this month ~

February Reading Log 2015 ~ ImzadiRose
New Color Coded Ratings
1   1.5   2   2.5 <--Bad  3 Great-->3.5 4 4.5 5

01 ~ Instinct (Chess Team 02) by Jeremy Robinson
Completed 2/2
3.5 of 5 stars
                In this next book of the Chess Team series, the president is infected with genetic disease.  The Chess team are sent in with a CDC agent to the area where the disease first appeared so that she can try to find a cure for it.  Alone the way, they are chased by multiple sets of people with multiple agendas.  The team is split up for a while and each are trying to survive in their own way, which is enjoyable to read.  A good series with non-stop action.

02 ~ Tandem (Many-Worlds 01) by Anna Jarzab
Completed 2/5
5 of 5 stars
                This was a fantastic YA about parallel universes.  In it, Sasha is taken from her world, which she had believed to be the only one, into another world in which a person who looks very much like her is the princess.  The princess is missing and Sasha was brought to that world to keep up the appearances that everything is still ok.  If she is able to convince the people that she is the princess, she’ll be able to go home.  But, will she want to go home when it comes time to go?  A really really enjoyable story with great characters.  A fantastic book.

03 ~ True Calling (True Calling 01) by Siobhan Davis
Completed 2/8
5 of 5 stars
                This YA is about 2 worlds.  There is a planet above earth to which the most worthy have moved to, for a better life.  But it’s controlled very tightly by the government.  Ariana isn’t one for questioning anything until the time comes that she is forced to enter “The Calling” a pageant in which she will be forced to date candidates chosen for her, eventually find a suitable mate and settle down to have children, all before she turns 22.  She starts to question everything, especially when her dreams about an unknown boy stars coming more frequently.  This was a REALLY enjoyable book, and I did look forward to the next one until my friend told me I wouldn’t like it.  Darn.  L 

04 ~ The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
Completed 2/9
4.5 of 5 stars
                This middle grade book was so cute and fun!  An ad goes up in the paper looking for bright children.  Reynie decides to go take the test and passes.  He’s ends up in a group with 3 other kids.  They find out that were chosen to go on a secret mission to a nearby school.  It was a fun book filled with brain teasers and puzzles they have to figure out and they have to work together as a team to put a stop to what is going on.  It was a great fun book, so cute and enjoyable. 

05 ~ Threshold (Chess Team 03) by Jeremy Robinson
Completed 2/13
3 of 5 stars
                This book was ok.  It was kind of weird.  Well, they all are.  They are all a little over the top.  In this one, the bad guy is finding speakers of ancient languages and killing them off.  There were golems in this story and it just wasn’t my favorite so far, but it wasn’t awful.  Good for non-stop action with a lot of craziness going on.  I love the Chess Team itself, even if I don’t like the story too much.

06 ~ Obsession in Death (In Death 40) by J.D. Robb
Completed 2/13
4 of 5 stars
                The next in the Eve Duncan series.  I loved the different side of Eve in the last book, which we didn’t get in this one, but the killer was better in this one.  The story was enjoyable, as they always are, and I liked how the people around her were targets and she realizes that she has more friends than she thought she did.  Always a great read!

07 ~ Kingdom of Darkness (Wilde & Chase 10) by Andy McDermott
Completed 2/15
4 of 5 stars
                The most recent in the Wilde/Chase series.  In this one, they are on the trail of a fountain of youth type thing, which is being searched for by Nazi’s who have been using the water to extend their lives.  Nina was a bit of a witch in this one, which I didn’t like very much, but could understand at the same time.  I definitely didn’t like the very end and I don’t know if I will be able to continue with the series when the next one comes out. 

08 ~ Fairest (Lunar Chronicles 03.5) by Marissa Meyer
Completed 2/15
3 of 5 stars
                The newest in the Lunar Chronicles books.  I love the series, but I didn’t like this book at all.  It had triggers of mine in it, pretty much all of it, so that disappointed me.  Other than that, the rest of the stuff (which wasn’t much) I did really enjoy.  Such a great series and I’m looking forward to Winter.

09 ~ Pivot Point (Pivot Point 01) by Kasie West
Completed 2/21
5 of 5 stars
                In this one, Addison is able to take a choice and see how both choices would play out before she makes the choice.  It was a really really enjoyable story.  I enjoyed Addison and Trevor a lot, though I didn’t like Laila or Duke very much.  Overall the book was fantastic though.  It was a nice quick book to read through, I couldn’t put it down.  I started the next book, and though I don’t like it so far, hopefully it’ll pick up and get better.

10 ~ Callsign: King (Chess Team 03.1) by Jeremy Robinson
Completed 2/21
3 of 5 stars
                This is the beginning of a set of 7 novellas within the Chess Team world.  This one stars with King, who has chased after his girlfriend Sarah, when she is in need of help.  She’s in Ethiopia, researching a woman who has been brought in with a supposed disease.  The book was enjoyable, not the best, but none of these really stack up with the McDermotts, but they are good.

11 ~ Bad Boy Dom (Club Diablo 05) by Holly Roberts
Completed 2/23
4 of 5 stars
                I won’t give details of this one because it was an erotica, and I don’t give details of those, incase my partners don’t appreciate reading about that.  I really like this series by Roberts though. 

12 ~ Callsign: Queen (Chess Team 03.2) by Jeremy Robison
Completed 2/25
4 of 5 stars
                This one was one of the more enjoyable ones of the series.  Queen is on her way to try to find Rook when she’s diverted to an area near where the Chernobyl power plant was.  The area was vacated years ago and a derelict amusement park now covers up some secrets.   Queen is sent in to find out what is going on.  I found the book engaging and enjoyable.    

13 ~ Callsign: Rook (Chess Team 03.3) by Jeremy Robinson
Completed 2/28
3 of 5 stars
                This one was Rook on his own in Norway.  He stumbles into a town where he isn’t wanted and finds out that there is something strange lurking in the woods around the town.  He steps up to help, of course.  The story wasn’t as engaging for me as Queen’s was, but it was still enjoyable.  It’s neat to see all the Chess Team members on their own, but I do look forward to when they get back together, where they belong.  J

14 ~ Split Second (Pivot Point 02) by Kasie West
Completed 2/28
5 of 5 stars
                Despite a slow start for me, I ended up LOVING this sequel to Pivot Point.  I didn’t like Laila very much in the first book and she’s in the 2nd one even more, so that took me while to get used to, but I did end up really loving it.  Laila grew on me and everything got crazy for a while.  I really enjoyed it a ton and though it seems like it was just a 2 book series, I’d definitely love to see more.

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  1. Although you did much less reading, it seems like most of the books you did read were winners! Yay. :)

  2. You still rocked it, even though you read less than your norm! And at least you enjoyed most of them.

  3. I was slightly letdown by Fairest too. :-)
    Happy March reading!