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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bunch of Mini Reviews!! 3 star Book

Hello there!

I am WOEFULLY behind on my NetGalley reviews, so I thought I'd do a bunch together in some mini reviews so I can get them out there. I've read a bunch of books from NetGalley, I just haven't actually posted about them yet, so here I am to do that. Some of these books I read QUITE a while ago so I hope that I remember enough to write about. We shall see!

So far, I have just one book that I read that was 3 stars.

BOOK ~ Spiraled (Callahan & McLane 03) by Kendra Elliot
Completed ~ August 31
STARS ~ 3 ~ 3.5 of 5
PAGES ~ 304

FBI Special Agent Ava McLane solves crimes; she doesn’t witness them. When she’s trapped in a mall without her weapon as a shooter picks off victims, she hides with a wounded teen and prays for her survival.

But that’s only the beginning…

An epidemic of mass shootings has swept across Oregon. The young shooters terrify the public, committing random murders before taking their own lives. The task force assembled to solve the case—which includes Ava’s boyfriend, detective Mason Callahan—remains stumped. And on top of this chaos, Ava’s troubled twin sister reappears, throwing Ava’s already-tumultuous life into a tailspin.

An old-fashioned cop with a strong sense of duty, Mason struggles to find the cause of the shootings as workaholic Ava spins ever closer to breaking down. But can one detective save the lives of countless innocents—and prevent the woman he loves from going over the edge?

I have read everything Kendra Elliot has written so far, and I have enjoyed or loved most of it. She's a good romantic suspense writer with interesting stories and mostly good characters. I WANTED to give Spiraled a 4 star, but I ended up going with 3 for a few different things.

This could be a stand alone book, though it's best in the series so you can known the characters and how they got to where they are. I like Mason a bunch and I like Ava. They are good characters. This story was interesting. A rash of shootings were happening with each shooter committing suicide after each spree. Ava, Mason and a bunch of different agencies are on a race to figure out what is going on, before more people die. Ava experiences one of the shootings up close and personal.

Now, the main thing I don't like about this series is one thing ~ Ava's sister. I despise the character! It's just a personal thing, I think, so don't think down on the series because of it. The sister is just a complete bitch to Ava, but Ava does let her to a point and I hate that. If it weren't for the sister, these books would probably be rated 5 stars every time, she ruins every story she's in for me.

There was one more thing that bothered me about this book, but it's a major spoiler, so I won't share it here. If you read the book, I hope you'll see the moment that I did. I don't think Ava would be quite that blind to that, but who knows. No one is perfect. :)

Overall, this series is enjoyable and I will continue to read Elliot's books.

Setting = A
Plot = A
Conflict = B+
Characters = A+ (for Ava & Mason) F- (for Ava's twin Jane)
Theme = A

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