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Friday, October 21, 2016


Reports of my assimilation have been greatly exaggerated.
(And if you get the reference, can we be friends?)

Dewey's is here, and I am participating! Unlike past Dewey's I will probably only check in at the start and the end. I MAY check in at the mid point. I haven't been around my blog because I've been drowning in a Reading Challenge at GoodReads which is still not over (2 1/2 more weeks, UGH!!) so I'm gonna be reading all the books I can for that. Perhaps I can beat my past high of books read during Dewey's. We'll see.

I like how they have changed the Cheerleading for this time. I hope it works out. I know I signed up for getting cheered on last time (first and only time ever) and only had 1 person stop by! I plan on visiting a bunch of blogs when I'm listening to audiobooks. As always, I will not be using Twitter or anything else other than this blog. I'm too long winded for Twitter, so I dislike it. But you can find me here, and I will be visiting anyone with regular blogs!

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  1. Have fun! Enjoy your books and your snacks:) I love you.