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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bout of Books 22 ~ Day 2, My Day 4

Not as much reading as some of the other days but still finished up two books.

Challenge ~ Year of You

Books significant to my childhood

They were older books even when I read them as a child, but the books that stuck with me through my childhood was the Trixie Belden series. Trixie was a 13 year old sleuth (think younger version of Nancy Drew) who solved mysteries with her friends who created a club together, the "Bobwhites". It was set in a rural town in New York and I just loved it as a child. I wanted to be Trixie and have all those friends and solve all those mysteries. I actually collect the books, I had all 36 at one point but lost them in a move, and I now have the first 10 or so again and I collect any I come across, even if they are repeats. I recently re-read most of them as an adult and still loved most. The first 6 were started by Julie Campbell, after that, they were written by random ghost writers from the publisher. Now, as an adult, I can notice the differences in the style of writing as well as when one of the authors didn't know the kids/story as well. It's glaring now to notice that, when I didn't as a kid, and has caused me to not like some of the one where the characters just aren't right. But still, a great series, one I still cherish.


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  1. I think I read a couple Trixie Belden's, but I was more of a Nancy Drew girl.