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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finished NYPD Red 2

I've read a few other books since my last "Finished" post, as you can see on my GoodReads widget, but NYPD Red 2 was my favorite.

This was a book by Patterson and Marshall Karp. Patterson, I will read when the mood strikes, his books are easy and good quick reads. There are some series that I keep up with, thought this is only the second in this series, I will be keeping up with these books because of Marshall Karp.

I discovered Marshall Karp a few years ago when I read his book "The Rabbit Factory". It was about a pair of detectives ~ Lomax & Biggs ~ who are called to a murder scene at an amusement park. As a lover of all things amusement/theme park, I was all over reading that and really enjoyed it. The series has another 3 books in it, that weren't as enjoyable as the first, but still fun reads. He has a bit of humor in his books.

This series with Patterson is about another pair of detectives who solve crimes that involve NY city's elite, high profile crimes and such. In this one, a killer is kidnapping people, forcing them to make a taped confession of some kind of crime THEY committed, then leaving them in a visible area. It's a really enjoyable series and I look forward to these as they come out.

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