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Friday, January 16, 2015

365 Days of YA from Epic Reads

Have you seen this super cool YA Reading Calender from Epic Reads? Take a look, it's really neat!! Graphic links to info about it at Epic Reads.

I'm not a HUGE reader of YA and what YA I do read, I'm particular about it. You may have noticed by now, I don't read pure chick-lit, pure romance, or heartbreakers of any kind. I like my books, YA and otherwise, to be action packed. While sometimes a more romance type story will grab me, it's more unlikely than not.

But I'm sure there will be a lot of good books on this list. There are 433-ish books (I was looking into the other sections and there are some repeats) on this list, some of which I've already read, some which I want to read and others which I might read. The infographic is broken up like this ~
  • There are 4 books ~ one for each season
  • There are 12 books ~ one for each month
  • There are 52 SERIES ~ one SERIES each week (this adds in multiple books, not listed
  • There are 365 books ~ one for every day

So, I thought I'd post about it here, see if anyone else was looking into this and trying to read their way through some of these many books.

I have now made my way through the whole infographic and I have made pages for each quarter of the year. Each section contains books I read already (prior to 2015), books I read since I started this challenge, books I want to read and books I might read.

Right now, subject to change, I'm looking at being interested in a total of 68 books over the full year. Are there any books on the overall list that didn't make mine that you think I should try? (See preferences/triggers below before suggesting.) The same with my lists, are there ones on my "will read" list that maybe shouldn't be, or ones on my "might" list that should be? Do tell me your opinions and what you think. Remember though for me ~

  • I'm not into Paranormal creatures ~ all the books with vampires / werewolves / ect ~ not my thing
  • I will try those, if I think the storyline seems good enough (like I read Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr and it was OK)
  • If it's such thing and it's not on my list, I probably won't like it, but you can try to recommend it anyways if you thought it was extra good
  • I won't read most pure romance. I need some action in my books. If there's no action, it'll probably bore me to tears. There are SOME exceptions.
  • If it's not already on my list, again I probably won't have interest, but please suggest something super good (that's not over-the-top chick-lit-ish)
  • I won't read tearjerkers, books that are meant to make you cry. WILL NOT read them, no matter how good you think they are. Sorry!
  • I have some triggers, and will NOT read ~
    • Harm coming to young children (under 7ish)
    • Pregnancy / Giving Birth
    • Suicides
  • If any book I listed in any quarter has any of my triggers, I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you let me know. Even if it's a spoiler, I'd rather know than the book get ruined for me (like one did recently)
I'm going to make this a Challenge of sorts for me this year, to try to get through the books I listed this year. I want to at least try/read the "want to read" list and maybe see where I am on reading the "maybe" list. Let me know if you plan on trying to get through any of these, what books you are looking forward to, and what you have liked the most, and any duds you have read as well!


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  1. I saw this a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. Genius idea,plus a pretty picture. I've pinned it to Pinterest for future use, since it's becoming obvious that my reading this year is pretty much getting shot thanks to school. Glad you found some books worth reading!!