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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review Policy ~ Updated Sept 02, 2014

I was surprised, and honored, when I had authors approach me recently to review their books. I had thought this blog would just be for friends or people at Swap-Bot and I was amazed that an author would want my opinion on a book. So, any author that comes across my blog and even considers me for reviewing their book ~ Thank You. It means a great deal to me.

As I've become comfortable with my blog and getting it in the direction I've wanted it, I've enjoyed continuing to review books, though mainly they have come from NetGalley, rather than directly from authors/publishers. I've seen a bit of a trend, it seems, that there are some authors and/or publishers who must be requesting reviews from every blog they come across.

I know I'm only one small blog among the thousands that you can chose from, but I have to ask that if you want myself (or any blogger really) to review, please please take the time to: 1 ~ address me by my name. When I receive generic emails, I almost always am not interested right from the start. If you want my time, take two seconds to put in my name. It's not like you have to search for it, it IS in the title of the blog after all. 2 ~ Please, also check my genre preferences, even if just the little bit below. I'm not a typical female reader. I don't like a lot of the newer stuff coming out right now, so please don't waste my time or yours. Check to see if I'd like what you have written.

At the very least, for me know this ~ I prefer ACTION to talking. I prefer women who kick ass, not who go shopping. I like tough guys who swoop in to save the day with guns blazing. I'll pick out a mystery, suspense, thriller over a romance any day. I like mind games and serial killers, I like crazy virtual reality, I like to be kept guessing and have the bad guy NOT be the obvious choice. I like BDSM done the RIGHT way, full of SSC sex and trust. I don't like to cry, I don't like books with babies, I don't like books with pregnancies.

Sorry to add this new part, but I've gotten requests lately that are not anything near what I would read. So, I'm hoping to put this back out there as a reminder. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

  • At this time (September '14), I AM accepting book review requests
  • I'll accept any form of book (digital or physical), Mobi is best for digital
  • As you are looking for my time and consideration, I ask the same of you. Please take the time to address me personally, know my genre preferences, send a brief synopsis of your book and only send me those books which I would read.
  • If you are offering the 2nd (or more) in a series, be prepared to offer the first one as well, so I can understand the stories
  • The short list of genres I prefer. See a more extensive list ~ Genre Preferences List
    1. Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
    2. Romance (Erotica, Suspense)
    3. Young Adult (action packed, preferable to standing around talking)
    4. Action/Adventure
    5. Dystopian
  • Genres I do NOT like ~
    1. New Adult!! NO New Adult
    2. Non-Fiction, Biographies
    3. Religion, Spirituality
    4. Paranormal Creatures

With my review ~
  • You'll receive an Honest review, this includes if I dislike it.
  • Review put on my blog, GoodReads and Amazon
  • No lengthy Synopsis that you see in most reviews ~ that's what GoodReads is for. I'll put a brief synopsis, but most will be my thoughts and opinions on the book.
  • I'll strive to have a review up within a week of receiving the book from you. I will let you know if there will be a delay. Do feel you can message me once for an update.

If your are interested in having me review your book, you can click the letter to the left, or send me a message at GoodReads


  1. I think it is amazing you are being approached to do this on your blog. Good luck with it!

    katcouch FollowMe 25 swap-bot

  2. That's great! Good luck with it, that is so exciting! ♡ Jade aka greenqueen86 of

  3. Love your blog, and the google sheet for genre preferences is thorough and clear! Happy blogging.

  4. Hello there! I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award (whew, long title). It's a kind of Q&A thing, no pressure: