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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Harry Potter

For the past 5 months, I've been re-reading Harry Potter for the first time, by listening to audiobooks at night before bed.

Back when the Potter craze started, I resisted reading them, as I do with many things that get so hyped up, but over and over I was told I should read them and when I was able to get the first 4 hardcovers for just $1 on a book club thing, I decided to try them.

I was hooked right away, and am a HUGE HUGE Potter fan. I didn't mind that I waited as long as I did, because I was able to read the first 4 back to back and the 5th one came out within months, so I didn't have to wait as long on everyone else for the majority of the books, just the last two.

I loved the movies when they came out and pretty much know them by heart. I've never been a re-reader of books because I prefer to read something new, but when I found I could fall asleep easier by listening to books at night, I decided the HP series would be good to listen to again.

I was shocked by all the changes. I knew there were a lot, of course, between book to screen, but there were even more than I imagined. Most of them were really really good changes. I think each of the movies, except Azkaban, are stronger than the book, especially the last one. They made so many good changes with the flow of it and especially with the battle. It comes across beautifully in the movie and is just amazing.

Azkaban is my one disappointment when it comes to the movies. I LOVE that book and while I love the movie, there were big things left out of it, specifically the history of the map when Harry is told about it. I think it's huge and I hate that it was left out of the movie.

I was fortunate enough to go to the Harry Potter Experience at Universal Florida before we moved out of the state. I love, and miss, the parks and we hadn't been able to go the last few years we were there but we did finally get to go one last time and it's AMAZING there. It's like stepping into the movie. the ride was so fun and it was amazing to walk through Hogsmede. As much as I don't ever want to go back to FL, if I ever do, I really do hope we can go to the new section in Universal ~ Diagon Alley. I knew they would make a ride out of the Gringotts scene and I know it won't disappoint.

Now to find something new to listen to at night!

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  1. Harry Potter is one of those series that I could read and reread forever. It's so enchanting. There's mystery, suspense, action, the blooming of young love... I could go on forever. I am definitely looking forward to passing down my set to my children.