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Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Reviews ~ Close Your Eyes & Sight Unseen by Iris Johansen

Finished ~ Close Your Eyes (Kendra Michaels 01) by Iris Johansen
Completed 7/17
5 of 5 stars
364 page Kindle book

Finished ~ Sight Unseen (Kendra Michaels 02) by Iris Johansen
Completed 7/20
5 of 5 stars
368 page Kindle book

Close Your Eyes

Kendra Michaels was born blind and went through a procedure to make her be able to see. Now able to see, she has used her heightened senses in the past to help out law enforcement on cases, but it's not something she enjoys doing. She prefers her quiet life in music therapy.

Her life is disrupted when FBI agent Adam Kyle shows up asking for her help. She wants to refuse but her ex, a man she helped solve cases in the past, is missing. Kendra lends her unique talents and personality to the case.

Sight Unseen

Kendra is back. While on a date, Kendra notices the news coverage of a wreck on TV. She says to her date that it wasn't an accident, it was staged, and she goes out to warn the cops, who she doesn't believe will realize it in time.

Soon, the FBI and cops are coming to her, because it was staged. Not only that, but a killer is out there recreating the cases that she helped solve, and one of the twisted killers, now on death row, may somehow be puling the strings.

We meet Kendra in one of the Eve Duncan books, and I loved Kendra from the start. She's so strong and goes her own way. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, she goes with her heart and does what she thinks is best, even when she doesn't always want to. Her ability to see so much more because of her previous blindness is so amazing, and it makes you wonder how little people really do see day to day.

I loved these books. They were fast paced, action packed and really enjoyable. I love Kendra and Adam is pretty descent as well. It's a fun series, I really look forward to reading more!

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