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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life of a Blogger ~ Tattoos

A Life of a Blogger is hosted weekly by Novel Heartbeat

Ohhhhh, another topic I love. I haven't joined in the last few, because I've had nothing to say about the topics, and I won't jump in just to be negative about something. (Yes, I'm still ticked off around the negativity of a few who posted for the "Favorite Sports Teams" just to say they hate sports and thinks it's dumb.) Rant over!

Tattoos!! Like our host, Novel Heartbeat, if it weren't for the price, I'd be covered. I only have 2, unfortunately, due to lack of money and my ex never let me get one. So, when he walked out in '03 (and started dating a chick 20 years younger than him) I got my revenge by getting my first tattoo. It's my crappy one, (and EXPENSIVE one, damn tourist area) but I used his money so it was worth it! :) It goes around my right ankle. (That's my old kitty Sahara ~ after the casino in Vegas, not the desert ~ that I had in '04-06.)

In '06, I treated my now husband to a new tattoo (he has 7 now, I bought him his 7th) for his birthday and got my 2nd. If anyone knows what the flag is, yes it's backwards, the artist didn't know that it was supposed to be a certain way, and we didn't realize. :( Still, I love it. It's on my left ankle.

When we can afford it (ha!) and get a car (ha!) to find a shop I already have my 3rd picked out. It will go on the inside of my right forearm (this is not my drawing, I found it online, all credit goes to the artist) tho I probably won't get the extra black tribal parts. It's a character, called a Nobody, from the Kingdom Hearts franchise of games. The definition of a Nobody fits me to a T which is why I want to get it ~ "When Heartless are created, the body and soul of those with strong hearts that have lost their hearts to darkness may become another type of creature called a Nobody. As they lack hearts possessing light and darkness, they are "nothing", yet still exist."

After that, I have no definite plans, though I'd love many more. I do want something to do with The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, but haven't found the right piece yet. Someday I hope that we can get a few more tattoos, or a lot more, but it's just not in the cards right now. I can always dream!

Do you have tattoos? What are they?
Would you get one, or many, if you could?


  1. Wow what a cool picture of a Nobody! I think it'll look better without the extra tribal parts, too!

  2. Cute tattoos! I used to love dolphins an thought it would be my first tattoo. But it took me years to get my first, and by then I'd changed my mind.

    I love tattoos. I have 5 and I definitely want at least one more - a bookish one. The issue is I work in an office and it's not really acceptable to have a ton of them. I'm already pushing the envelope by having 4 that are pretty visible. And my thing is if I'm spending the money for one, I want to be able to see it and enjoy it! I was thinking my next will be on the inside of my ankle. But like you, it's just affordable right now. Someday!

  3. The one on the bottom kind of looks like my dolphin. I have two dolphins facing each other and it makes a heart. I didn't get a good picture for my post but I hope I can later tonight :)

  4. I love that you got your first tattoo with your ex's money! Serves him right ;) The tattoo of a nobody is great, especially since it has such a powerful meaning. Hope you get to have it soon!

  5. I really like your tattoos, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I love that Nobody idea, I think it would look great! I love that you used your ex's money for your first. A celebration and a revenge all in one! I can't wait to get my next, I'm just so picky. Friday night we met with our artist on my son's second. Seems I get pushed to the back of the bus again!

  7. I hear tattoos are very expensive! I'm glad you were able to get the tattoos you wanted and that you're planning for more! Thanks for sharing (: