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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sex Me Up Readathon

I stumbled across this low key read-a-thon a few weeks and pretty much forgot about it starting today. Now that I remembered, I'll be focusing on some erotic reads.

So, I wonder how many people (not that I have many followers) will see this title, squeal, hide their eyes and click off my page as quick as possible?!

Why oh why is sex STILL Taboo?! Oh yeah, religion, church, close minded miserable people. It's sad that in this day and age, with so many advances in life, people are still shunned for LOVING someone. It SICKENS me.

If it's safe, if it's consensual, if it's legal, if it's not hurting anyone else ~ THEN NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A FUCKING SAY ABOUT IT!!

As you might be able to tell, I'm passionate about the subject. I'm passionate about sex. Sex is great, sex is fun, sex should be rejoiced, loved. It shouldn't be shoved to the side, behind closed doors where people are scared to say, and get, what they enjoy.

This Erotica Read-a-Thon started because the host was embarrassed about reading erotica novels, but realized, rightly, that she should not feel ashamed by enjoying sex, reading about sex. The host mentions that she has a few friends she is able to talk about erotic novels with, and wants more people to be able to talk about erotic novels together.

Why stop at erotica? I wish the wall would break down completely. I have a few friends that read erotica and we talk about the books, but I have more friends (because I am blessed with open minded wonderful friends) who I am able to talk about SEX with. Not erotica. Not some billionaire scooping up some innocent girl for some hot, "taboo", sex. No, we talk about REAL sex. We're not millionaires. We weren't scooped up by the brooding stranger who sweeps us off our feet. Two of us found our soul mates, many years ago, and still after 10+ years together, we're still in love, still having tons of sex.

Off on a tangent here ~ you know, recently my husband read an article about how couples don't kiss often, even for MONTHS! Granted, the study was done by a site to hook up for extramarital affairs, so hopefully it wasn't THAT accurate, but still. MONTHS?! My husband and I kiss 4 or 5 times a day (on his work days when he's gone 11 hours a day) and probably triple that on his days off.

But back to what I was saying, it's wonderful if more women are able to open up books and talk about the sex there. I hope that continues to happen. But I wish it would go beyond that. Real sex is wonderful and beautiful. Even more so than the stories. I get soooooooo tired of rich boy / beautiful girl. Helicopters and money and gifts..... why can't it be REAL?! Why can't more books just be normal people?

Perhaps many will say that they read to escape into a new world, and that's all fine and good when it's wizards and fairies and living in space. It's good to dream about what isn't real. But sex is real, and good and wonderful, even for larger men and women, even for the poor, even for the everyday person.

During this week, I'm going to try to take the time (I'm in the middle of another read-a-thon challenge) to write a bit every day about anything that comes to my mind ~ sex wise. As you may have gathered, I have a very open mind when it comes to all things sexual. I love to talk about sex, both real and in books. I do have very specific ideas of what I like to see in my erotica.

Hopefully others will open up a bit more about erotica and sex. Those are two subjects here that I am not ashamed of and will gladly talk any thing about sex. If you have any questions, ask! :)


  1. Great post!! I'm glad to see you're participating in this. I'm going to try if my schedule allows this week.

  2. Gah - posting from my phone is a pain. The rest of my comment said that I'm one of those who does enjoy 50 and Crossfire but I am open minded about all of it and it's thanks to those series I even read Erotica for the first time. And I've loved it ever since!

    1. I am glad that 50 has pushed erotica into more hands, like yours. I just wish it was a better book that did that. There were plenty of erotica authors before her, and much better written books. It saddens me that people look at that book and see BDSM when it wasn't. I'm glad you're one of the ones to have continued reading other things.

  3. Brave girl! I am not that open about sex and Fifty Shades is about my extent of reading in the erotica department (aside from a couple of Jackie Collins novels in my late teens).

    I too am involving myself in multiple read-a-thons this week. Good luck to you! I hope you get some great reading in.

    Oh...and I kiss my husband every day. :)

    1. I'm not brave. I just looooooove sex. Love having sex, love talking about sex, love reading about sex. Just LOVE sex, and I'm not shy about it, at all. If anyone, let me rephrase, if any female (cuz I don't talk sex with guys except my husband) asks any sex question of me, I'd gladly answer it. I love talking about sex. :) I am sorry that 50 was your one and only erotica. :( If you ever wanna try something good, I can always give out some recommendations. :)

      I'm glad you kiss your hubby daily. YAY!