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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review ~ Private Down Under by James Patterson

Finished ~ Private Down Under (AKA Private Oz) by James Patterson & Michael White
Completed 6/2/13
3 of 5 stars
368 page Kindle book

I had read this book last year, so when I saw it on NetGalley, I decided to request it to give it a review.

The Private series is a series about the Private Detective Agency, a group run by Jack Morgan with offices expanding all over the globe. In Private Down Under, Craig Gisto has just opened up the office in Australia, having Jack's 2nd in command, Justine Smith, come out to help them, and they are going to need the help.

At their celebration party, a dying boy crashes in, and thus starts a very busy week at Private. They are soon wrapped up in figuring out who the boy is, and why he was killed, a rock star who thinks that someone is out to get him, and the brutal murders of some rich wives, and a missing man. It's a book packed with action from start to finish, in Patterson signature way of short chapters.

This book was OK. It wasn't my favorite Patterson, and it wasn't my least favorite. I felt like the 4 different storylines was a bit too much!! It's like none of the stories got developed enough because he was telling too many, they were all just rushed. The parts that I liked best about it were the rock star, who thought his manager was trying to kill him, and the serial killer of the rick wives. The gang angle, with the dead boy at the beginning was slow moving and dull and the missing business man seemed more like an afterthought.

I really enjoy this series, but sometimes so much can be too much, and it was in this book. It easily would have been a 4-5 star book if there had been more detail on 2 of the cases, with less on the other two, or not even in the book at all, it could have been saved for a follow up book. I guess since the foreign offices are, so far, just one book, they wanted to cram as much as they could into one very action packed book. If you like crazy non-stop action with a bunch of people going a bunch of directions, than this book is for you. :)

Setting = A+
Plot = B
Conflict = B-
Characters = A
Theme = B

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