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Karsyn's Kickass Jocoserious, Kooky, Jannock book blog: Bout of Books 11 ~ Start of Day 5

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bout of Books 11 ~ Start of Day 5

Bout of Books

Morning!! I am ready to SLEEP in one day. Can't wait until Monday so I can. I'm gonna sleep as long as I can. :) I'm feeling burned out. It's not BoB, it's that I've been doing a team challenge at GoodReads since July 12th and usually towards the end of that week (Sat 9pm), I'm feeling burned out. I take a little time off after submitting our books for the week and then I'm right back into it. I will keep pushing on though!! I gotta! Our team has been in the lead for that challenge every week but one. We re-took our lead by quite a bit, but we gotta stay there, just til the end of the month left. Just so you have an idea of the amount of reading I've done, and why I'm burning out some, since Aug 1st, I've started, and finished, 43 books (not including the 6 comics I've read), so yup, just a tad burned out. Hopefully I'll find some good books to read today, that always makes everything better. :) Speaking of, onward to reading. 1st ~ One Kick. 2nd ~ Time's Echo. 3rd ~ Nerve.

No challenges, again, for me. :( I'm not creative. I can do things with Photoshop, but that's about it. The second challenge was really neat, but I could only string together sets of 2 of my books. I looked for a while but don't want to put anymore time into it trying to do it.



Night Time Audio listening time/pages: 1 hr / 100 pages (One Kick)
Day Time Audio listening time/pages: 3 hr 15 min / 224 pages (One Kick, Time's Echo)
Kindle reading time/pages: 2 hr 45 min / 304 pages (Nerve)
Number of books I've read today: 3
Total number of books I've read: 17
Current Book:
Pages Read Today: 628 pages
Total Pages Read: 4042
Time Read Today: 7 hr
Total Time Read: 48 hrs 30 min
Challenges Participated in today: none
Today's Completed Books:

Today's Completed Comics:


  1. I'm feeling guilty for not pushing the goodreads challenge, i dont want to loose our lead. next week i gotta get my head back in the game, sucks that this week sucks for me, cause of the BoB, i was so excited to do it too

    1. Don't feel guilty!! You've done great!! We have a really really great lead and we're at 40 books, so even if a team gains some ground, I don't think it'll be 160 points worth. Just enjoy!