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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rêveur Reviews ~ My new Review System, Coming Soon!

You may not have guessed, but I've made my blog to remind me of my favorite book ~ The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. With that in mind, I was trying to come up with a new idea, and it finally came to me what I'd like to do.

Come August, I'll be starting "Rêveur Reviews". "Rêveurs" is a term used in The Night Circus which distinguishes the true fans of Les Cirque de Reves from the normal Circus goers. If The Night Circus were real, I would most definitely be a Rêveur. The Night Circus is all about opposites as well, from the black and white of everything within the circus to having the circus during the night, instead of the daytime.

With "Rêveur Reviews", I plan to review more books than I have been doing, showing more of a variety into the many books that I read. Many many times I get comments saying that readers haven't heard of the books or the authors that I read, and I like that I stand apart from the crowd. While you'll see me enjoying a few books that everyone else is as well, for the most part I tend to go against the flow and read things not everyone else is. Those are the books that I will cover in these new reviews. I originally thought I would review books that were opposites together, but I'm not going to stick with that, as I might want to review a series together or something. Rêveur Reviews will just be reviews of any kind, that I want to do, that aren't part of my NetGalley or other ARC type reviews.

Though I'll keep the same 5 star system of ratings at GoodReads, I'll be using a 12 "star" rating here. 5 stars doesn't give the depth of rating as I need. A lot of time I rate books 3 stars and people think that means I don't like them, when I do, really really like them, just not as much as I rate 4 and 5 star books. So, here I'll be using this system, which will be 12 roses (see below). Hopefully this will show more of my true feelings about the books for people to see. Here is what this new system will be ~

LOVED it, best book ever! (5 stars)

LOVED it, an amazing book! (5 stars)

LOVED it, a fantastic book! (4.5 stars)

LOVED it, such a great book! (4 stars)

Loved it, really really enjoyable book! (4 stars)

Really Liked it, a really good book! (3.5 stars)

Really liked it, a quite enjoyable book! (3 stars)

Enjoyable, equally good and ok. (3 stars)

Ok book, not great, serious flaws! (2 stars)

Meh, not a good book! (2 stars)

Awful book, so much I didn't like about it! (1 star)

Horrid horrid book, I absolutely hated it! (1 star)

The colors, in that order, come from The Night Circus. It's the colors are the ones used to light the opening night bonfire. 12 performers with bows and arrows arrived just before midnight. As the seconds count down, the lit a fire on the end of the arrows and shot them into the bonfire, creating those colors in that order, from yellow to white.

This new segment of my reviewing will start up after my current crazy month of challenges and read-a-thons and will feature books that I have read in the past few months and then books I will continue to read. The "Rêveur Reviews" books will not be books that I receive from independent sources (such as NetGalley or direct from an author), those will remain separate, as they do now, the Rêveur books will purely be the books that I am reading and loving. I do hope that you'll enjoy these new reviews, so be on the look out for them, coming soon.


  1. Intriguging! Plus, I have not read The Night Circus yet and I keep promising people that I will.

    1. You sooooooo should read it. It's so beautiful and amazing. I love it so much. If I could live in any book world, it would be The Night Circus!

  2. are you doing this on this site, or creating a whole new one?

    1. Right here on this one. It's just going to be a way for me to review more, since I only tend to review ARCs or NetGalley books and I want to review most of want I read.