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Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm doing Dewey's!

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So, it's that time of year again ~ Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. This will be my 3rd Dewey's and just as the two before, I plan on going the full 24 hours.

The first time, that was easy for me, I occasionally stay up all night anyways, and have troubles falling asleep often anyhow, so 24 hours is pretty easy for me. The first one was super easy, the 2nd one I started to drag around hour 20, but it ended up because it was the start of a cold coming on and I was just super drained, but I still made it to the end. :)

I've learned a few things in my first two Dewey's. The first time, I made the mistake of listening to an audio that was REALLY long (took 9 hours for the last 30%) when my eyes needed a break. I realized that shorter audiobooks were definitely the way to go.

The first time through I read for 20 hours and completed 5 books, one of which (the audio) I was already 70% through. The last time, I read for 18 hr & 30 minutes and completed 8 books ~ 3 novels, 4 audio novellas and 1 audio novel.

I don't have any firm plans for this one. I'm a little off, it's a tough time of year for me, so I've been quiet pretty much everywhere. I don't know that I'll post often this time. Last time, I posted every 4 hours and that was a good mix of reading and posting, but I might not even do that this time. We'll just see how I feel and I'll wing it. I didn't feel up for cheering this time around, and I asked that cheerleaders not come here because OMG do they work their butts off, so I'll only hear from my faithful readers likely. If you are also joining in, I hope you'll say HI at some point.

As you all know, I never make TBR lists, because I don't stick with them, but I did not read some new releases or NetGalley books so I'd have them for Dewey's. So I do have some books I'm planning on, we'll see if I get to them. I also have some shorter audiobooks for when my eyes get sleepy.


My goals for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon ~
  • Read at least TEN (10) books
  • Read at least 1 author requested / NetGalley book
  • Read at least 1 book from my 365 Days of YA challenge
  • Do any Challenges that appeal to me, even if done late
  • Have Fun!


  1. Yay, have fun!! I signed up, but won't be able to read more than a few hours. And I'm okay with that - I just want to read, period. I hope you enjoy the day!

  2. Hey Karsyn! I was wondering where you'd gotten off to—I've missed your frequent updates!

    So happy to see you'll be joining in the RAT, and I'll definitely pop by to say hey and give you some cheer. :)

  3. I noticed you've been a little quieter. Had to keep popping over to make sure you were still hanging around even though I've been neglecting my feed reader.