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Karsyn's Kickass Jocoserious, Kooky, Jannock book blog: October Month of Reviews #4 ~ The Last Time I Saw Her by Karen Robards

Friday, October 16, 2015

October Month of Reviews #4 ~ The Last Time I Saw Her by Karen Robards

For October, I am bound and determined to get caught up on my NetGalley Reviews, something I've been trying to do for a while. I've been turned down for a few books probably because of my ratio, currently sitting at 76%. Here's to getting reviews out for all the books I've read and getting to the other books that I haven't yet read.

Finished ~ The Last Time I Saw Her (Charlotte Stone 04) by Karen Robards
Completed 1/14/15
336 page Kindle book

I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

I typically don't rate DNF books, but as I did read about 60% of the book, I thought a rating was fair.

I have loved this series in the past. It is NOT for everyone. It's definitely out there and creepy in the first book, but once you get past that, it's pretty enjoyable. I really loved the last one and I was looking forward to this one, but I could NOT get into it, at ALL. This definitely should not be read as a standalone, you'd never know what in the world was going on, you'd have to read the full series.

The book almost starts out (very soon into it) with a prison break. Now that seems like it would be interesting but I found it all very flat and lacking. I'm not sure why. I'm sure this was something on me rather than the other, but really didn't feel any kind of panic for the innocent people involved or the main character ~ Charlotte Stone. I was more like "eh, they are on a bus with a bunch of convicted killers, who cares". For some reason it just didn't feel scary to me. There was shouting and gun fire but it was all so blah. I don't know why.

Then, after Charlotte escapes her friendly ghost ~ Michael ~ is with her in yet another body (long story) and all he wants to do is have sex. I'm all for sex. But sex, on a ledge, when people are in danger AND at least one man has just been killed? That's a bit much. And it went on and on and on. I'm talking like 10% of the book nearly. It pissed me off, and while Charlotte was a bit pissed too, that didn't stop her from lots of kissing and petting.

So I finally said forget it, this is about 40% in (I think) and I skipped to the end of the book. I wanted to know something specific, which was revealed at about 80% of the book, so I skimmed from there and read most of the last 10%.

I loved the last of the book! I wasn't expecting that to happen, at all. It almost made up for how much I hated the start of the book, but not quite. Because of the end, I'll likely give another one a try, see what happens next. The end was 4 stars, if I could just rate that part. Too bad the stuff leading up to it was soooooooo dull and lifeless.

Setting = B
Plot = D
Conflict = F
Characters = B
Theme = C

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