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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Reading Log

Well! It's been a month for me since I posted. Sorry about that. There's good reason! November was INSANELY crazy, in real life.

Why is that, you might ask? Well, it's because of the events that started on Nov 5th. It was like any other day. I slept til about 9 and was just hanging out doing a bunch of nothing when I kept hearing a dog outside. Hearing dogs isn't unusual, there's a crazy amount of dogs that run around this town but to keep hearing it over and over was unusual. I thought maybe it was down at the daycare center not far away. It went on for about 2 hours where I'd here this dog whining/yapping every once in a while. I kept looking outside but never saw it, which is why I thought it must be penned up somewhere close. After off and on for the 2 hours, I heard it really really loud, so I went and looked again, and over in the place next to us was an ADORABLE little puppy. It saw me and came running right to me. :) It was clearly healthy but had no collar. I brought her in and fed her, and she hasn't left my side since. :D

We have NO idea what she is (any one have any guesses ~ see below). We've thought everything from a terrier mix to a hound mix. She's AWESOME. She has so much personality. We didn't know if we could keep her, we have a 3 year old pitbull who didn't take to her right away, but I worked with them and got them to be good friends! :D So, she's been with us almost 4 weeks now, and we adore her. :) She's taken up any free time I've had, as she was VERY young, perhaps not even 8 weeks, when she got here. So I was up and taking her outside every few hours, and she didn't take the transition to the crate well either. It's finally gotten to where I only have to take her out once during the night, so it's much better.

That's why I haven't posted and why I had another light-ish month of reading (for me). A challenge started on a group at GoodReads and I HAD planned on reading crazy amounts this month, but the puppy came along and then I was shocked when I was asked to become a mod at that group, so a lot of time has gone in there as well.

That's been our crazy November. Onto my books, but first, meet Sora ~

November Reading Log 2015
From ~ ImzadiRose
1   1.5   2   2.5 <---Bad  3 Great---> 3.5 4 4.5 5

21 ~ Madame X (Madame X 01) by Jasinda Wilder
Completed 11/02
1 of 5 stars
            This was picked for me for a Carpe Librum swap.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like it.  It’s an erotica so I won’t share any details.  It wasn’t good for me.

22 ~ Black to Reality (Black 04) by Russell Blake
Completed 11/04
3.5 of 5 stars
            My favorite of these.  Black is an investigator who is stuck in the past.  In this one, he was asked to investigate a reality show, which happened to be bands.  Black is a former well known musician, so he was right in his element.  It was quite enjoyable.  Still the parents were the worst parts, and Roxie until one point, when she was finally tolerable.  At least Nina was subdued, that was nice.

23 ~ Z Raptor (Z Rex 02) by Steven Cole
Completed 11/04
3 of 5 stars
            I read this one for a challenge, though I really had no interest in reading it because I really didn’t like the first one, which was about a computer generated T-Rex that was actually genetically created.  In this one, it was raptors and I found it to be more interesting than the first.  A company was creating raptors to eventually help start and fight in a war.  It was good for what it was.

24 ~ Protecting Fiona (SEAL of Protection 03) by Susan Stoker
Completed 11/07
3.5 of 5 stars
            This series is about a team of SEALs who go in and rescue people.  In this one, they go to rescue one person and find another there.  The characters and the story were really enjoyable and it was my favorite of the series so far.  They are on the short side, so they are quick and easy to get through.

25 ~ The Serpent (Gameshouse 01) by Claire North
Completed 11/08
5 of 5 stars
            I read almost anything that mention “game” in it.  So when I happen to stumble upon this one, I was intrigued.  The premise is that there is a place, the Gameshouse, where any and all manner of games are played.  On the lower levels, this means chess and checkers, and other every day games.  But if players make it to the higher levels, they play using people, where the world is their gameboard.  VERY VERY interesting premise and AMAZINGLY wonderful book!!  I loved the first one the most, though all 3 were good.  In this first one, the player is in Venice and must do what she needs to, to make her piece (a real man) become a leader there.  It was sooooooo good.  I loved it tons!

26 ~ Tart (Delicious 02) by Lauren Dane
Completed 11/09
3 of 5 stars
            I needed to read a book with a food/baking theme for a challenge, so I chose this one, even though I hadn’t read the series that this spins off of, or the first book in this series.  It was pretty enjoyable.  It was about an owner of a bakery falling in love with a guy who came back to town.  But then her best friend finally made his move as well, so she was torn before the two guys before they made it work for them all to be together.  Enjoyable, if pretty cookie cutter for this type book.

27 ~ The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson 01) by Rick Riordan
Completed 11/10
3 of 5 stars
            This was picked for me for a Carpe Librum swap.  It’s been on my radar for a while, but never really high on it.  Just something made me think I wouldn’t really like it, and I was right for most of the book.  It was just ok (2.5 stars) for me for most of the book, but it ended up picking up for me in the later parts of the book, so I ended up liking it ok.  I may try more, but it’s not high on my TBR.

28 ~ The Thief (Gameshouse 02) by Claire North
Completed 11/11
4.5 of 5 stars
            In this next installment, the player is challenged to a game and accepts when he shouldn’t have.  The game this time was hide and seek.  The board was all of Thailand.  One player (the MC of the story) had to hide while he opponent used any means to try to find him.  When he was found, they would switch sides and he would be the seeker.  It wasn’t as enjoyable, for me, as the first one because he spent a lot of time wandering, where in the first book, she spent most of her time talking to people and strategizing.  Just didn’t kinds of games and I preferred the first, though this one was still really good.

29 ~ Summer Wind (Mike Mallick 01) by Christa Charter
Completed 11/13
3 of 5 stars
            I’ve read all the books (so far, except some short stories) of the series that this one spins off of.  I like Mike as a character, he’s a cop and in this one he’s investigating the murder of a music legend.  It was a good overall story and it was good to get a story of just Mike.  Still want to see him get together with Lexy, but I dunno if that’ll end up happening or not.

30 ~ The Liar by Nora Roberts
Completed 11/14
3 of 5 stars
            Definitely not my favorite book by Roberts.  I liked the characters a lot, but I really didn’t like the story too much and I hated all the kid parts.  The blurb didn’t mention a kid, if it had, I wouldn’t have read it.  I also thought that they are were pretty stupid about something, but that’s a spoiler, so I won’t mention it. 

31 ~ The Last Survivor (Chase & Wilde 10.5) by Andy McDermott
Completed 11/15
3 of 5 stars
            A short story in the series.  A survivor from their last book ends up going to find and kidnap Nina.  It was an ok book for what it was, I’m just not a fan of short stories, but I like the series so I wanted to read it.  Hopefully the next book will be enjoyable.  I’m worried as something has happened that I don’t like and I wish wasn’t part of it now.  Depending on how it is next book will determine if I continue with the series or have to give up on it.

32 ~ The Master (Gameshouse 03) by Claire North
Completed 11/16
4.25 of 5 stars
            The last of the Gameshouse series and my least favorite, though still quite enjoyable.  In this one, a long time player challenges the person in charge of the Gameshouse to a game.  The board was the whole world.  Basically he wants to take over the Gameshouse and change things there.  The story wasn’t quite as good as it covers a very long time (over 10 years) and was a lot wandering again.  The end was soooooo frustrating, but good too.  That’s the last of them, which is sad, I would have LOVED more, they were so good! 

33 ~ Bound (Mastered 01) by Lorelei James
Completed 11/17
2 of 5 stars
            This was an erotica, so I won’t share details.  I liked the female MC, but not the male.  I had a lot of issues with this book, but it wasn’t the worse I have read.

34 ~ Killer Game by Kirsty McKay
Completed 11/18
4 of 5 stars
            In this one, a game is played at a boarding school where a “killer” does pranks that “kill” people playing and they all have to figure out who it is.  But in this game, things turn real and they are actually in danger.  For a change, I actually didn’t know what was going on!  I guessed 2 of the usernames they were using, but that was it, I didn’t know who was doing what.  It was really enjoyable.  Good fun book.

35 ~ Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen
Completed 11/20
3 of 5 stars
            This book was disturbing, which I’m usually fine with, but this one was a bit much.  It starting out crazy and insane and then it kept getting more so.  It was definitely different and I never had a clue as to what was really going on.  I had one guess that sorta was what it was about, but only barely, it was crazier than I even thought.  It was good but wild.

36 ~ Lush (Delicious 03) by Lauren Dane
Completed 11/21
3 of 5 stars
            I needed a book with fruit on it for a challenge, so I read this next book in the series.  It was ok llike the other one.  Typical of this kind of book but I liked the characters.  It was going to be a 4 star book, because I liked it better than the last one, but then the MC was an idiot for a while.  I really really hate lack of communication, it drives me nutters.  I hate drama for the sake of drama.  Instead of being a grownup and confronting the problem, she turned tail and ran away.  She was showing so much promise before that.

37 ~ Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass 01) by Sarah J. Mass
Completed 11/23
4 of 5 stars
            This was picked for me for a GoodReads challenge.  I know I’m behind the times on reading it, I don’t tend to read what everyone else is reading.  I actually didn’t like it very much in the beginning.  I thought it was pretty dull and I didn’t really care for the characters.  It picked up a little for me, but not much, when they started their training, but then from there it did start getting better slowly and by the end I was really enjoying it.  I do plan on continuing with the series.

38 ~ How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan (re-read)
Completed 11/24
3 of 5 stars
            This was a re-read.  I read it 3 years ago when we got our pitbull.  I wanted a refresher for the puppy.  It was ok.  I forgot how much of it is just stories about his own dogs and experiences.  That was all boring to read again, and I only did for the GR challenge cuz I wanted the points since I had started it.  I did forget some stuff that I was doing wrong with the puppy, so I’m glad I re-read it.  Have a few others I’m working through as well.

39 ~ The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern (re-read)
Completed 11/25
5 of 5 stars
            For a challenge I needed a book set in a circus, so of course I jumped on the chance to re-read my most FAVORITE book EVER!!  This was the 4th time I’ve read it, 3rd time on audio.  It was just as wonderful this time as it was every other time.  I really really really love this book, and I don’t understand people who don’t like it.  The main part of the story with Celia and Marco actually isn’t my favorite part (though of course I love it), I’m mainly in love with Bailey, Poppet and Widget.  They are fantastic and my favorite characters.

40 ~ Pure Heat (Firehawks 01) by M.L. Buchman
Completed 11/25
3.5 of 5 stars
            Needed a book with fire on the cover for a challenge, so I read this one.  I have a few by this author but hadn’t tried them before.  I ended up enjoying it.  The characters were likable and the story was enjoyable as well.  I will probably (at some point) read the series that was set before this one, and read more of this story.  It’s typical romantic suspense, but enjoyable.

41 ~ Patriot (Chess Team 7.2) by Jeremy Robinson
Completed 11/26
3 of 5 stars
            This was my least favorite of the Chess Team books so far. This is the 2nd in a mini spin off series within the main series about the MC Jack.  I was really really bored with this one in the beginning and only kept with it since it was so short (and challenge time) but it ended up picking up for me in the end and I liked the last 20% or so of it.  In was interesting to see a character, loved their interaction.

42 ~ A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird 01) by Claudia Gray
Completed 11/27
5 of 5 stars
            This was picked for me for a GR challenge and I ended up LOVING it.  It was one of those books that had been on my TBR for a while and I just hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet.  It is about parallel universes, which like time travel, is something I really enjoy reading about, so I definitely liked this one.  I did guess one thing about it, but not exactly correctly.  Great characters and great story, I’ve already started the next book in the series.

43 ~ Hot for Teacher (Jane Porter 04) by Dominique Adair
Completed 11/29
2 of 5 stars
            An erotica, so no details.  I remember liking the first two of the series, hadn’t read the 3rd one yet and read this one for a challenge.  I was dull and just didn’t flow well.

44 ~ Winter (Lunar Chronicles 04) by Marissa Meyer
Completed 11/30
5 of 5 stars
            The end of the saga.  It was soooooo good.  If you haven’t read this series, why not?!  It’s such a good series, and it ended well, though I’m sad it’s over.  I’m glad I gave this series a try, a great one!  Really great characters and just great stories. 

Currently Reading ~
Ten Thousand Skies Above You (Firebird 02) by Claudia Gray
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Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection 04) by Susan Stoker
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  1. I would say she's a pitbull mix. She has the head. She's beautiful anyway and good thing she has a good home now.
    Happy December!

  2. Holy crap she's cute! I totally miss having a puppy around the house. I agree...she looks like she's got some Pit in her.