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Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Review ~ 500 Days by Jessica Miller

Finished ~ 500 Days by Jessica Miller
Completed 4/16/14
4 of 5 stars

I was sent this book by the author for my honest review.

This book revolves around Alexis and Casper, two young adults searching for.... something. Casper is a local musician hopping from girl to girl, partying hard, enjoying life but still thinks about a girl who stole his heart during a one night stand, but he has no idea who she is, where she is or anything else about her, all he remembers is an ivy tattoo. Alexis (Alex) is a working bartender putting herself through college, a tough girl who doesn't take any crap from anyone, and doesn't take any help from them either. She can't remember anything about her mystery man one night stand, and neither know it when the other is standing in front of them for quite some time.

This book was good. It was fast paced, action/angst packed. It kept me going, though I wanted to yell at both of them for being so stupid!!

Setting = A+
Plot = A+

Where the conflict comes in, is where I had a little bit of issue. Alex was a little over the top. I get it, she had a rough childhood, most do, some just as bad, some worse, and I'm sure there's some people just as bad, or worse, but I didn't like Alex. She was causing more problems than there should have been, making things more difficult than they had to be, and overall wasn't a very pleasant person. Despite that, I really wanted for her to get some sense knocked into her, and was glad when she finally came to her senses.

On the other hand, though Casper made tons of dumb mistakes (don't most guys at one time or another?!) I found his mistakes more forgiving and him more reasonable and likable. At times I didn't think Alex was good enough for him, but then he'd do something stupid.

Conflict = B-
Characters = B

With everything else in and around the major conflict of these two characters, it was full of tons of other crazy characters and other storylines. At times it was almost too much (J names (4), C names (4) didn't help, it took quite a time figuring out one from the other) and at other times it was painstakingly hard to read. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster throughout the book and I was really glad for a neatly wrapped up ending.

Theme A-

On a whole, this was a fun, quick and enjoyable read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed a light erotica read.

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