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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review ~ Deadly Fantasies by Kelly Miller

Finished Deadly Fantasies (Detective Kate Springer 02) by Kelly Miller
Completed 4/14/14
3.5 of 5 stars

I was sent this book by the author for my honest review.

This book revolves around Kate, a homicide detective in Tampa Fl. In the middle of the night, she gets a call from an acquaintance who states she may have killed her husband. Kate arrives at a bloody crime scene and an investigation begins.

This book did grab me from the beginning. I really liked the storyline, the murder to solve and the investigation the most. It was a good simple story that was really easy to read and moved quickly to get through. Everything came together in a nicely wrapped up box.

Setting = A+
Plot = A+
Conflict = A+

The characters, I didn't warm up to as much. I had definite issues with Kate who is selfish. whiny and insecure. Her partner Patrick Jessup was just as bad. I didn't feel any connection to the characters and disliked them. Not having read the first book, I didn't know much back story but there was enough that was alluded to or touched on that I got a general idea. The story line was enough to keep me enjoying the book despite the characters many flaws.

Characters = D

My only other issue with this book was the underlining theme of the book, which though never mentioned as such, revolves around BDSM. This is a personal opinion, and should be taken as such. As one who reads, understands and accepts BDSM, I didn't like the negative undertones surrounding the BDSM aspects. It's clear that the characters felt all aspects of "Kink" are wrong, to not be talked about and I felt that because the villain(s) were involved in BDSM activities, all of BDSM was thrown into a negative light. Obviously, not everyone is going to have the same opinion on this very touchy subject, so many people will be fine with the negative aspect of it, I personally didn't like it but it didn't distract too much from the overall book.

Theme = B

On a whole, I really enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to others.

Kelly Miller lives in Tampa, Florida where her novels are set. She’s married, has three children, and a black Labrador named Gracie. Kelly is a proud member of the Florida Writers Association. She is a contributing business writer for the monthly magazine, The New Tampa Neighborhood News. Visit Kelly’s website at to find more information about the author, the latest giveaways, and a link to her weekly blog.

The first book in the Detective Kate Springer series, Dead Like Me, won second place in the best mystery category of the 2011 FWA Royal Palm Literary Awards competition. It was also named a semi-finalist in the mystery category of The Kindle Book Review’s 2013 Best Indie Books Awards competition. Deadly Fantasies is the second book in the series.

About the book:
A ringing phone at 1:17 am is never a good thing, but Homicide Detective Kate Springer doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring the call. On the other end of the line, a confessor admits to murdering her husband. Dr. Nina Grace needs help, and Kate knows it’s time to repay a debt. No matter the consequences, Kate must fight to keep the investigation from solely focusing on her friend.

Jonathan Grace controls the people in his life like he does his business—with a chokehold. His insatiable appetite for living life on the edge leads him to a club where he’s encouraged to act out his darkest desires. But what happens when one man’s fantasy becomes another’s nightmare?

Did Dr. Nina Grace kill her husband or did Jonathan’s secret life lead to his death? Detective Springer knows that no matter what her friend admitted, she couldn’t be capable of the horrific torture and murder of her husband. But will Kate’s blind loyalty be her downfall?

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  1. good review, this is scarlettroses02 from follow me #25 on swapbot. i commented on the www wednesday post but i guess it never went through

  2. It sounds interesting but I have a real problem with poor characters.. great format for a review :-)