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Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Review ~ Kingdom of Darkness by Andy McDermott

Finished ~ Kingdom of Darkness (Wilde & Chase 10) by Andy McDermott
Completed 02/15/15
4 of 5 stars
528 page Kindle book

I received this book from the publisher for my honest review.

This book is the 10th in the series about archeologist Nina Wilde and her bodyguard turned boyfriend/husband Eddie Chase. I had read one book from this series years ago and decided to go through the whole series. #10 was just released in August.

Previous to this one, I had listened to all the books on audio and one of my favorite unknown narrators did some of the books ~ Gildart Jackson. I love his narration and I enjoyed him for the books of this series that he did, I just wish he had done them all!

To read Kingdom of Darkness, you don't HAVE to read the first 9 books. It could stand on it's own, but there would be a lot that your missing on how Nina got to where she was at that point, her relationship with Eddie and much more. Plus, you'd miss all the awesome one liners Eddie makes throughout the series, he cracks me up. To give you a little bit of non spoiler-ly background, Nina is an archeologist who ends up finding amazing finds that they once thought were things of legends, such as finding Atlantis or the Tomb of Hercules (in the first two books). The books are very realistic in nature, nothing over the top or out there, but just one or two aspects of each book are something we only know of as myth, but they find some sort of truth in it.

What you won't find in these books are a bunch of people standing around talking about their feelings (sorry ladies). There is a lot of character development and you really get to know the characters, even beyond the main few, it's just not all mushy. This book is all about the action, and lots and lots of action. This book is made for guys, and the few women like me (where are you?!?) who crave action. If you'd rather read about gun fights than shopping, or crazy action and out there antics over talking about feelings and emotions than this series is for you!! And ladies, if it's not your thing, perhaps a good book to get your hubbies into?!

In Kingdom of Darkness, Nina and Eddie are traveling around the world, on a break from their stressful job, when they are approached by a young man who is gunned down before he can give them much detail. Of course, Nina is ready to jump right in and do whatever is necessary to find another amazing place, in this case a fountain of youth, of sorts. Eddie, on the other hand, isn't too keen with her heading off, especially when they find out they are up against Nazi's. Not wannabes, but actual real life Nazi's who should be in their 80s but look in their 40s.

What follows in Kingdom of Darkness is typical Chase & Wilde. Non-stop action, a lot of bad guys, tons of explosions and firepower. Nina is a little bitchy in this one, but I looked past that, and it didn't last long (thankfully). Eddie, my favorite character of the series, is his usual crazy self.

I highly recommend this series for fans of action and adventure. If you are looking for Indiana Jones or Lara Croft with a bit more fire power, than this series is for you!

Setting = A+
Plot = B+
Conflict = B+
Characters = A+
Theme = A

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