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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting to Know You ~ Favorite Musical Artists

Getting To Know You is hosted by Jenni Elyse.

I came across this new meme on another blog and I thought it would be fun to join in. I enjoy learning about a lot of things about other bloggers, not just their book preferences. So, I thought that I would start joining in on this new "Getting to Know You" series. Leave me your link if you join in, and if you aren't joining in, I'd still love to know some of your favorite bands.

Surprise surprise ~ I'm not like others when it comes to musical interests. Know how most people say things like "you'll never meet anyone who doesn't love music", consider that debunked with me. It's not that I DON'T like music, I DO, but not to the extent that most everyone else does.

This I can, and do, blame on the woman who gave birth to me (I call her Prig ~ look it up, it's accurate). I was VERY VERY sheltered as a kid. It's only been in recent years that I have acknowledged the extent of which Prig controlled me, and I'm in my mid 30s. For music how I was controlled was this ~ I wasn't allowed to listen to ANYTHING that was considered "secular". I got no musical education, AT ALL. Something my Hubby still likes to make fun of me (in a kind way) about. While I can name SOME groups, if you play a widely known song, more often than not, I may have heard of it but I have no clue who preformed it. Growing up, I was only able to listen to Christian music and Oldies. The ONE exception was New Kids on the Block. As I was able to start making decisions for myself (in my mid 20s), I just still didn't have much of a love for music, at least that normal people listen to anyways.

I do love music and I have always loved voices. Growing up my dad sang in a Barbershop Quartet and in my teens I heard some Boys 2 Men (when I was with other people) so I have a love for A Capella, which I still have today. I don't listen to very much variety, as I pretty much only ever listened to love songs, oldies and religious stuff until my 20s. Now, as an atheist, I do miss some of the religious stuff, but now it makes me laugh.

Anyways, so yes, I was sheltered, I never had an appreciation for a wide range of music and I usually only follow a handful of artists. At the moment, I have one obsession and one obsession only. I LOVED the singing show "The Sing Off", anyone watch it? It was an A Capella show hosted by NBC occasionally, they still do some holiday specials. In was in 2011 that I was watching and fell in love with a group. They were AMAZING on The Sing Off and from there, their career has skyrocketed. With 3 regular albums, and 2 Christmas albums behind them, they just added a Grammy to their mix. I adore everything about them, especially their Bassist who, is #2 on my Celebrity Crush list. Right now, if I'm not on TuneIn listening to Acaville I'm on Spotify listening to my favorite group, in the whole wide world ~


Arrangement they won the Grammy for (not my favorite, but they can't do wrong) ~

One of my absolute favorites (that showcase them all) ~

And because I LOVE Avi ~

Oh, I'm also a proud Claymate. Though I don't listen to him non-stop anymore (thanks to Pentatonix), I think he's an amazing artist. The only good artist, in my opinion, to come out of American Idol, which I stopped watching YEARS ago (Adam's season).

Pretty much, that's it. I don't listen to any other artist AND just love all their stuff. I like a few songs each from a variety of artists, and that's about it. I know, it's so shameful, people make fun of me all the time about it. I can't help that I only like a certain type sound now, since I was only exposed to certain things when I was younger. I do have an affinity for Oldies. :)

Artists I do like a handful of songs of ~
  • Boys 2 Men
  • Celine Dion
  • Blake Shelton
  • Aerosmith
  • Home Free
  • Taylor Swift


  1. Thanks for participating again. I actually had a very sheltered life as well. It's not that I wasn't allowed to listen to anything secular, but I'm the youngest of a very large family and my parents were born in the 30s. So, I grew up listening to show tunes, movie scores, oldies, hymns, and lots of 80s stuff. New Kids on the Block was the first band I ever gravitated to on my own. It wasn't until I was married that I started being introduced to the type of music I love now. My husband's tastes have changed over the years, but I still prefer alternative, punk, and emo type music over anything (except movie scores). So, I know how you feel.

    1. PS--I've heard Pentatonix before, but I didn't realize that's who it was until I watched the video. That Daft Punk song is one of my husband's favorites and he listens to it a lot. Pentatonix does an amazing job at sounding electronic with only their voices. Amazing!

  2. Well, I most of the time don't know/remember who is the artist whose song I like, so I find it hard to name my favourite bands, too. I've never heard of Pentatonix, but I like the song you posted. I'll have to look up more of their music.

  3. So sad that you didn't get exposed to music as a kid. :( We have the opposite problem at our house. My kids blame me for all their music obsessions, which is a good thing! Penatonix is awesome! I followed Clay during his American Idol stint, but didn't like much about him after that. That seems to happen a lot with that show.

  4. P.S. Did you like Adam from American Idol? I DO still listen to him quite a bit. Loved his take on music.