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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting to Know You ~ Favorite Animals

Getting To Know You is hosted by Jenni Elyse.

This week's topic is ~ favorite animals.

My favorites are pretty basic, mostly animals I could never have. I love sea / water based animals the most. My favorite animal is a dolphin.

This love for dolphins started when I was a child. At an amusement park, they had a dolphin exhibit and asked for volunteers. I was chosen that day and went up. I got to pet the dolphins, feed them, and I was even pulled around in a small raft by them!! It was the highlight of my childhood and started my eternal love for dolphins.

I've not yet been fortunate enough to swim with them (couldn't afford Aquatica after it opened when we were in FL) but I hope to one day. I have interacted with them more. I had annual passes to Sea World a few years and I worked there as well. A friend taught me a trick to get them to come close, even when it wasn't feeding time and another time, a co-worker and I were walking around the park during an after hours event and started talking to a trainer. It was dark, only lit up by the lights and he called some dolphins over. It was wonderful! They are soooo beautiful and smart.

When I worked at Sea World, I worked at the ride part of Wild Artic, so I was around the animals we had there and I fell in love with the Beluga Whales, my 2nd favorite animals. They are so pretty and smart and I loved interacting with them. When we'd go down there, we had to wipe off the glass to the underwater environments and the beluga's could recognize us from the others down there because of our red coats. Anytime I went up to their window, they would come over to see us. There was one, his name was Luke, that would just come over and follow me as I wiped down the glass. It always made the tourists so excited. I adored Luke and the others.

Other water based animals I adore ~ Seahorses and Otters. Someday, I'd love to get to the point where we could have a seahorse tank. I know it'll never happen, but I can wish!! Years ago, we had learned to scuba dive, back when things were better for us. I always wanted to go on a bunch of dives, see tons of sea life and explore that world that I adore so much. It never happened, so I just love the sea, and the animals in it, from afar. :)


  1. That is so cool that you got to spend time with dolphins like that. I love dolphins too. They are so smart. And, I love whales. I've only ever seen an orca up close because of SeaWorld. I'd love to go whale watching. And, seahorses are so cute! I'd love to have a tank full of them, frogs, and turtles.

  2. Dolphins almost made my list too, though I haven't had the awesome experiences you have with them.

  3. Ee, so jealous of your time with the dolphins! :) I'm also a huge otter fan.