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Karsyn's Kickass Jocoserious, Kooky, Jannock book blog: Dewey's 24 Hr Read-a-thon ~ Hour 8 update

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dewey's 24 Hr Read-a-thon ~ Hour 8 update

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Another 3+ hours and another book finished. Moving right along! :)

How's everyone doing? Having fun?

I haven't visited anyone, but I'm going to turn on an audiobook and get to visiting some. Looking forward to seeing what others are reading today. Hope everyone is having a good time. Thanks for anyone who has stopped by so far.

No challenges for me this go around, so far none have interested me, but I'll keep my eye out on them still. Guess it's just all about the books for me today.


Audio listening time/pages:
Kindle reading time / pages: 6 hrs 30 min / 541 pages
Total number of books I've read: 3
Current Book:
Total Pages Read: 541 pages
Total Time Read: 6 hr 30 min
Challenges Participated: Introduction Survey
Today's Completed Books/Comics:


  1. Hello! So glad you could join us today! Great blog graphics, I love the title, and the red, black, grey and white is super eye catching! I'll have to check out some of those titles, the cover are great, especially the Manticore Ascension, I'm a sucker for that red/blue fire and ice visual. It's sounds like you're having a great day so far! Keep up the reading and remember to enjoy yourself! -- Shaunie Team Dogwood

    1. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the compliments on the blog. It's in a Night Circus theme, with the black, white & red. :) Manticore is a short story in a series about superheroes. It's enjoyable.

  2. Wow!!! Awesome about all of the pages you've been able to read today. I'm also doing audio but sadly can't listen while I'm on the computer. Guess it gives me an excuse to unload the dishwasher and fold laundry (or no excuse NOT to). LOL!

    Continue to rock on for the readathon!! :)

    1. Did you have fun for the Rat? What keeps you from listening to audio when you're on the computer?