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Karsyn's Kickass Jocoserious, Kooky, Jannock book blog: October Month of Reviews #5 ~ Tracks of her Tears by Melinda Leigh

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Month of Reviews #5 ~ Tracks of her Tears by Melinda Leigh

For October, I am bound and determined to get caught up on my NetGalley Reviews, something I've been trying to do for a while. I've been turned down for a few books probably because of my ratio, currently sitting at 76% 74%. Here's to getting reviews out for all the books I've read and getting to the other books that I haven't yet read.

Finished ~ Tracks of her Tears (Rogue Winter 01) by Melinda Leigh
Completed 10/20
3 of 5 stars
Expected Publication ~ 11/10

I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

First of all, the covers for these books are AMAZING!! See below, you can see the first one (next review for the next one to come soon). I love these covers, can't wait to see the others.

Secondly, this is our second trip back to the Rogue River series and the town of Solitude and their people. This is a novella series done by Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot. You can see my reviews of the first four books ~

On Her Father's Grave by Kendra Elliot
Gone to her Grave by Melinda Leigh
Her Grave Secrets by Kendra Elliot
Walking on her Grave by Melinda Leigh

Now, as for this series, I LOVE Kendra Elliot. I've read all of her books to date and I read this series FOR the books by Kendra Elliot. I make myself read the others, by Leigh, because it's stuff going on in each book that carry over to the next. So, without reading the books by Leigh, I would only be getting half of the story.

You gotta take what I say with a grain of salt, this is MY opinion and my opinion of the Melinda Leigh stories and the characters in those stories should impact you or your enjoyment of these books, because they really are good. That being said, the story of this book was GREAT. It was about a young woman who was found dead and her boyfriend, who happens to be the MC's brother is missing. The town is on a hunt for a killer and for the missing brother. Great story, though the reason why she was killed was pretty lame. But hey, people get killed for less.

That being said, the story is 5 stars, the setting is 5 stars. It's a great story, in a great area with mostly great character. So, why did I only give it 3 stars? Simple. I can't turn off my emotions and I LOATHE the MC, Carly. I hate everything about her. Note on this ~ most people will not. Most people will find her a kind, loving and warm character. I can't help that my own judgements come into play with this series, but it does. So, I hate Carly and I rate down just because I have to read about Carly and ESPECIALLY Carly in this book. If Carly had any other profession, I'd probably like her. But, she doesn't, so as long as I continue to read these, for Kendra's books, I'll continue to rate down, a bit, for a character I don't like. Sorry about that.

Other than that, the book is great. Everyone should be reading them!

Setting = A
Plot = A
Conflict = A
Characters = C
Theme = B

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