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Monday, May 15, 2017

Bout of Books 19 ~ Wrap Up

Bout of Books

Another Bout of Books come and gone. How did you all do? Did you have fun? Did you meet your goals?

Despite not doing the last few BoBs and jumping into this one last minute, I met my book goals, the only thing I didn't do is get to any comics. Just wasn't feeling up for them, I suppose because I'm doing a group challenge (when am I not) and comics wouldn't have counted for that. I like what I read to actually count for the challenges I'm doing. But I met my book goal and that was what mattered.

Finally getting to visit all the blogs that I didn't get to go to during the week. Always bummed to see how many sign up but then how it drops off regularly with people who don't post updates. 349 signed up to participate and by Day 2, not even half that posted updates and by Day 6, just 72 updates. There's always a decline, but seems like it's more and more. Anyways, I've enjoyed visiting everyone so far, but only posted to a few blogs. I love the chatty blogs, those are my favorites. I love chatty people and I love people who say HI!. So I see you few people that visit me, not the following I used to have, but I'm getting some views, and rarely does anyone say Howdy. I won't bite, so feel free to say HI!!

My Bout of Books Goals

Time devoted to Reading
  • Daily, except for updates & challenges
  • Complete at least FIFTEEN (15) books ~ Met Goal, Completed 16
  • Complete at least FIVE (5) comics ~ DNF, Didn't read any
  • Complete challenges that interest me ~ Didn't do any, none interested me

Bout of Book 19 Stats

  • I completed 16 books, started 1 other
  • I read 4,700 pages
  • I completed 6 novels and 2 novellas on my Kindle Fire
  • I listened to 8 novels as audiobooks
  • I read for approximately 60 hours (29 hours on Kindle, 31 hours on Audio)

Started but not Completed

Completed Books

Recap of Daily Updates


  1. Excellent goal hitting! Way to go with all that reading.
    Something special from me to you.