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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Come join us at BARC!

Open now at Goodreads:

A new Breed of Reading Challenges!!

Current Challenges include Stand Alone challenges such as:

          Anorak's Almanac
          Author Chain
          Continuous Color Collection
          Find Yourself
          Pages of Chance
          Rainbow Connection
          Sequential Numbers
          Spitting Image Covers (SIC)
          Title Waterfall

          Rebuilding Universal Orlando

We also have Current Challenges that are Ongoing challenges such as:

Create Your Own :
          Amusement Park
          Family Tree

Fetch! :
          Fetch! Challenge
          August Fetch ~ signups open 7/24

Legacy of :
          Robin Williams
          Bill Paxton

Paw Holidays (PaW) :
          Repeat Day ~ June 3rd
          Red Rose Day ~ June 12
          Take Your Dog to Work Day ~ June 23rd
          Meteor Watch Day ~ June 30th
          International Kissing Day ~ July 6th
          Different Color Eyes Day ~ July 12th
          Next PaW Holiday ~ July 24th

Pick Ur Path (PuP) :
          Awesome Alliterations

Randemonium :
          The Random-ness

And join us for Return to Hogwarts starting July 31st!

What are these challenges? 
You'll have to join us to find out!

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