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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bout of Books Day 1 ~ Evening Update

Bout of Books

Day 1 is almost over! I didn't do as well as my BoB 10 Day 1, I'll have to step it up. I hoped to finish my 2nd audiobook, but I have about an hour left, so I'll be finishing it up after midnight.

I had two books that I started and ended up not liking, so that stinks. :( I gave each over 10% on my Kindle (11% for one, 15% for the other) but had to give up on them since I wasn't into them at all. I hate it when I spend time on a book I end up giving up on, especially during read-a-thons. Today I finished up an audiobook (Fated) that I had read about 25% of before the read-a-thon started. I read a novella, and a novel both of which I reviewed (see below), and I'm listening to the audio I'll finish up in a bit.

I've never been big into comics, but I LOVE the Batman Arkham series of games and I recently started reading the comics that tie into that. In addition to my goals, I also want to read at least 10 of the comics that I have that are about the "Arkhamverse" of Batman. I won't be counting my comics towards my overall book and page count.

Reviews I posted ~

Dead Don't Lie by L.R. Nicolello
Our Broken Sky by Sarah Harian



Night Time Audio listening time/pages: 1 hr 30 min / 70 pages
Day Time Audio listening time/pages: 5 hr 30 min / 434 pages
Kindle reading time / pages: 5 hr / 378 pages
Number of books I've read today: 3
Total number of books I've read: 3
Current Book: Cursed by Benedict Jacka
Pages Read Today: 812 pages (90 pages - Our Broken Sky, 234 pages - Fated, 230 pages - Dead Don't Lie, 200 - Chosen, 58 - 2 DNF books)
Total Pages Read: 812
Time Read Today: 12 hrs
Total Time Read: 12 hrs
Challenges Participated in today: Book Scavenger Hunt
Today's Completed Books/Comics:

Today's Completed Comics: (not counted towards page/time counts)

How was your first day? Leave me your link and I will come visit! :)


  1. 812 pages! That's so awesome!

    It sucks when a book doesn't do it for you. I hate that wasted time. Happy reading today!

  2. Whew that is a lot of pages! Glad to see you're kicking ass at this read-a-thon so far, even with books you had to DNF. :)

  3. That is a TON of pages. Congrats! Hope you end up liking the rest of the books and that you get lots of reading done this week. Good luck on day 2!