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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Journey of a Gaming PC ~ Part 3 ~ Almost Complete!

My gaming PC is up and running and ALMOST complete. It is still missing the graphics card, which should arrive today, but considering we got a few inches of snow dumped on us, I'm not holding out too much hope for it. We'll see.

Yesterday morning I managed to stay pretty calm, despite being super excited about getting everything started. Around noon, I gathered everything I would need for the build ~ all my parts, a screwdriver, a light ~ and got it all together on the table I was going to use. A little before 2, I started tinkering, just a bit. I got the hard drive in, I got all the other packages open or near open. I was basically just wasting time til the CPU arrived, which my UPS guy is pretty consistent, and it got here just after 2.

I was so excited I didn't even take any photos. :/ I'll take at least one of the case for tomorrow's post. So, the processor arrived and I got to work. It was pretty easy, in general. I had a hard time seeing anything. I needed one of those bendy flashlights, and instead I had a small table lamp that I kept moving around and holding the best I could to see. I got everything going, and...... nothing happened. :( Surprisingly, I didn't panic!! I just went back over it all and I hadn't pushed in the main power connector enough. Whew. So, I got it pushed in (it took some effort) got it all ready, booted it up and...... it came right on!! :)

I didn't spend money on a DVD drive, since they are pretty much obsolete now, so I first had to install the network adapter driver so I could go online. Once I got that going, then it was off to MSI to get all the main drivers and start getting what I wanted on there. It took a LONG time and I'm still not completely done with everything yet, I'm sure I'll be remembering things as time goes on, but it's running. WooHoo!!

I tried playing 2 games, on the integrated graphics. Dead Rising 3 was unplayable. Wow, it was so bad, BUT it played Portal 2 great, so that was nice. I played a little of that on Steam. Hopefully when/if my graphics card arrives today, I'll be able to get back to some DeadRising 3.

So glad to have my build almost done, AND have it working. It's my first attempt at building my own PC and I can't believe I did it!! I'm super excited. :)

Name Clue #3 ~ last clue! I know, no one but my friend Shaina is even guessing, but I'll post this one last clue. As Shaina guessed, the name IS from "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. It's my favorite book and I knew I'd want my name, for my PC, to come from it. So here's the clue ~ the PC build name is a character name from the book, but it is also used in certain computer terminology, so that's one of the reasons it makes it the PERFECT name for my build!! :)

Come back tomorrow for news about the completed build, and hopefully some photos, even if it's not everything. :)

Journey of a Gaming PC ~ Part 4 ~ Build Complete!


  1. Eek, here is where my guessing prowess fails me, because I haven't read The Night Circus yet! I didn't know if it would appeal to me, but seeing that my library has a few e-book copies and being due for yet another "light" read, I'm definitely going to get to it soon.

    I can't believe you got it all going on your own! I totally needed help (OK... more like I was the helper, don't tell anyone) when I built my own gaming PC. I would have definitely been nervous if mine hadn't turned on immediately, but good for you for that bit of problem-solving. Fingers crossed for the graphics card today! :)

    1. You should give it a try, but if you hate it, be kind. LOL. I was talking recently to one reader who loved it and recommended it to someone and that person called it stupid and pathetic. I couldn't handle it if someone I recommended it to called it that. :) It's soooooooo beautiful, I love everything about it.

      The graphics card did arrive!!!! :D I'm starting to write out my final post, of this journey, now. :)