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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bout of Books 14 ~ Day 1

Bout of Books

It's that time! Bout of Books, and I'm pretty excited about it. I missed the last one, and have been quiet on my blog, so I'm glad to be getting back to it some. Looking forward to reading this week and though I don't want to overdo it, I really do want to read a lot.

I got up early just to start off my day with a bang. Unfortunately (sorta) I stumbled onto a new-to-me website yesterday. I've followed a few of the things that Robert Ballard (the guy that found Titanic) has done. I've watched a bunch of his specials, but didn't know that his research ship, the Nautilus, streams everything they do. I'm addicted already, and have a feeling I'm going to be a bit distracted with it today. AGH! At least my goals are low (for me) so if I get distracted, it'll be alright. I just started watching last night and already saw the coolest creature ever! I was able to get a screen shot of what I was seeing ~

Isn't he great?! It's a Grimpoteuthis ~ also known as a Dumbo Octopus. His ears were wiggling. It was soooo awesome!! :) I hope to see some more great creatures today! :)

At least I got an hour of reading in right after midnight! :)

My Bout of Books Goals

Time devoted to Reading
  • Daily, except for updates & challenges
  • Complete at least TEN (10) books
  • Complete at least TWO (2) comics
  • Complete challenges that interest me

I will be updating here through the day and just have the ONE post per day. I'll use this as my update post for the next days update. I typically like to do one in the morning of updates and one at night of the challenges and such, but doing just one will give me more time to read. YAY for that. :)

That being said, let's get started for DAY ONE!! No challenge for me today, it didn't interest me. Up first, for my Kindle reading ~ Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge.


With my new obsession, my first day didn't go as well as I would have liked. I watched Nautilus Live for 4 1/2 hours in the morning and LOVED it. I'm back to watching again today (Tuesday) because they are wreck diving the US Navy Airship Macon and the 4 biplanes that are still inside.

So, I didn't read as much as I planned, but I still finished 2 books. I'm not going to track my time of reading this time, because I was reading all over the place. I had said that this time I wasn't going to push it too much, so my time yesterday was still good.


Night Time Audio listening time/pages: 75 pages (Darkest Minds)
Day Time Audio listening time/pages:
Kindle reading time / pages: 604 pages
Number of books I've read today: 2
Total number of books I've read: 2
Current Book:
Pages Read Today: 679 pages
Total Pages Read: 679 pages
Time Read Today:
Total Time Read:
Challenges Participated in today: none
Today's Completed Books/Comics:


  1. Woah! Almost 700 pages on Day One? You are rocking this thing!! Good luck and have fun the rest of the ReadAThon!

  2. What a cool creature! I know what website I'll be frequenting at work today. :) Happy Bout of Books!

    1. He was so awesome, and I got to see a bunch of them! :) They, unfortunately. aren't diving today. They are going up to Canada and will be working with some other ships to do upkeep on a underwater observatory, starting the 23rd I believe.