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Saturday, September 27, 2014

To Be Read List ~ Sept Review ~ DNF :(

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At the beginning of September, I posted 3 books I was interested in reading, for you all to pick ONE for me to read and review. The Aftermath by Jen Alexander was the overwhelming winner. I was excited to read it, it seemed right up my ally. I normally absolutely love anything that has to do with video games / virtual reality.

Unfortunately, it was a DNF at 20%. I'm sorry that I couldn't finish it for you all.

Unlike a lot of other readers it seems, I can not, and will not, stick with a book if I don't like it. Life is too short. I'd rather waste an hour on it and move on, if I don't like it, than suffer through it any longer. I knew right away I wouldn't like this book, but I kept going back to it, trying more, because of this review, but I ended up not being able to do it.

The thing is, I'm unsure WHY I didn't like it. In the blurb for the book, it mentions that Claudia finds out she's a pawn in a game. I figured it would be something like Eve Silver's Rush (great series) where she finds out she's being used for some bigger plot or plan than she knew was going on. It does say she's being controlled by someone else, but I took it to mean something different than what it is, I guess, I'm not sure. What I didn't expect is that, while there's more going on than that, it reads like she's a character in a game, coming to life. All that kept running through my head was Mario and Luigi coming to life inside Mario Party and trying to get out. That's the image that I got. Through skimming through the end and some other stuff, it's definitely more than that, there was something else going on, but that's how it felt to me, and it was really REALLY weird. I just couldn't stick with it. It seemed very juvenile in writing and story, but not in a good way, just like not written well.

I'm not sure. I gave it a chance, though I knew right away I wouldn't like it. I kept going back to it, reading a page or two at a time, but ended up saying forget it. Perhaps it's a book others would like, I know people said they were interested in it, it just wasn't for me. I didn't enjoy it at all, and when I looked at the last pages (something I never do, but did because of this) I don't know what happened, but the ending seemed really lame. I actually said "really?" out loud and deleted it off my Kindle.

I didn't mark this book as read, or rate it on GoodReads since I didn't finish it. It'd been a 1 star if I could have marked it (I wish they had DNF options). I'm sorry that I sucked on this first To Be Read List Poll & Review. Next time, I'll make sure to give you options for books I KNOW I'll like, instead of trying something new. Thank you to everyone who voted!


  1. Oh that sucks that you didn't like your first one. This reaction is so different from the only other review I have seen of this book where the girl absolutely loved it and said if you were a big gamer you might like it, so I have wanted to try it and maybe some day I will.

    My first one only got partially read and reviewed. My kindle broke on my at the beginning of the week and I hate reading on the computer so I didn't get to finish it. :(

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry your Kindle broke!! That sucks! Were you able to get a replacement?

    I wanted to let you know, I have been visiting your posts. I can't comment on your blog. I have NO idea why. I am having problems with CommentLuv but I see you don't use that one, so I'm not sure what is up. It's starting to drive me nutters. I'm definitely reading your posts. :/