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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life of a Blogger ~ Favorite Websites

A Life of a Blogger is hosted weekly by Novel Heartbeat

This is my first Life of a Blogger this year. I really didn't like one of the earlier topics (scars) so I really didn't pay attention to any since, but I love seeing what other websites people go to and enjoy, so I thought I would jump on this one. :)

Though I could, and have, lived without internet, I do enjoy it. I don't have a HUGE variety of sites I visit though, any fun suggestions? What I do enjoy, I visit multiple times a day, usually. :)
  • GoodReads!! ~ my homepage for my Firefox is GoodReads. I'm on there ALL the time, between adding the books I've read, looking through new books, and doing challenges or talking to friends in my GR groups. If I'm away from my computer and still have the internet open, It's always on my GoodReads.
  • KaKiJoKoJa ~ my own blog of course
  • Bloglovin' ~ the way I follow blogs of others
  • Swap-Bot ~ SB is a swapping site. I'm a long time pen paller (though not lately) and Swap-Bot swaps everything from letters to crafts to books. I have a group on there called "Carpe Librum" and we have 15-20 swaps a month that are all book based, from reading challenges, to book club books to a monthly reading log. It's tons of fun!
  • Facebook ~ I am NOT a social media person. I pretty much only go to Facebook to keep up with a friend or two that posts a lot on there, otherwise I can take it or leave it. Though I have a Twitter, I hate it and maybe check it once a week and only follow like 15 people.
  • NetGalley ~ getting approved for something is always great fun, but I'm always so sad when I don't get approved for something I really want! :)
  • FictFact ~ a great site if you read mainly series
  • NetFlix ~ currently re-watching Star Trek Voyager with my Hubby during dinner. Re-watching Lost on my own.
  • Steam ~ always on the lookout for games I want for my soon-to-be built Gaming PC
  • Reddit ~ I'm not a HUGE fan of Reddit, but lately I've been on BuildaPC and PCMasterRace a lot, and have enjoyed all the insight I've been able to get into building my Gaming PC.
  • YouTube ~ usually to watch PC building videos lately, or watch videos of my Favorite Group - Pentatonix
  • YouPorn ~ yup, I said it. YouPorn. I love porn. Heaven forbid, a chick who loves porn. That's me, and proud of it. :)
  • Various Torrent Sites ~ another thing I'll admit to. Might make me hated, but there you have it. Love my torrent sites!

What are your daily go-to for websites?

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