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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Top 10 of 2017 ~ Best Duos

Top 10 of 2017 ~ A look back on a year of Bookish Bests hosted by Kimberlyfaye Reads

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My Top 10 Duos of 2017

Changing it up again. For today it was "Best Couples" and I looked over my list (mind you, this is 260 books and counting so far), and I only had THREE couples that I would have put on the list. I just don't read a lot of romance, and the romance I do read is typically filler type stuff and while I might like some of it (Susan Stoker has been enjoyable for me lately) I don't love all of it. So, I thought I'd do Duos. Some of them are couples, and I do like those, but most of them are not.

Max & Tim

While I considered, very briefly, Max and Leon (a couple), I'm just not a fan of Leon. He's grown on me and I do like that they are together, but he's not her best friend, Tim is. They are just a perfect friendship duo. Though the latest book is hard to read, and things get strained, I have no doubts they will get back to their perfect duo.

Richter & Sion

Richter and Sion make me laugh, so much. Their initial time together was rocky, which was perfect in the book and now they are so close. They just are so funny and great, I love the characters and their antics. Since I already changed things up, I'd add a 3rd to this Duo with Alma. Though she's an animal familiar (dragonling), her growth has been super neat, and I love seeing how she progresses!

Eve & Roarke

My first couple, any couples list has to include Eve & Roarke for me. Eve is kickass and he complements her perfectly. They are a fantastic couple.

Ty & Zane

Another couple, and the best M/M couple I've read. I re-read the first two books of this series in 2017 and Ty & Zane are a great couple. I had issues with them here and there, but overall, they stand above the crowd.

CJ & Hamish / Lucky

CJ is one kickass female but she's never alone. Her brother Hamish compliments her well and helps out too, and then there's Lucky. CJ and Lucky are not to be missed!

Jason & Bug Chaser

Brothers Jason & Bug are an awesome duo. Though a 3rd comes into their duo to help, it's mostly them against the world it seems and they are just a fantastic pair. This book is soooooo fracking adorable!! It's got such heart in it, such good characters and such a good story. It just shows the awesomeness of author Matthew Reilly.

Gin & Owen

My last couple of the list, I like Owen and how he accepts Gin for who and what she is.

Tess & Theo

Tess & Theo are twins who are trying to solve some mysteries in an alternate universe New York. The story is soooo good and the characters are fantastic.

Jackaby & Abigail

Jackaby & Abigail are a unique pair, and worth the read.

Dylan & Elizabeth

Not the best pairing, but a unique one. I really liked this book, which still surprises me because usually Patterson's books are typically just quick ones I can get through for challenges or read-a-thons, but this one still sticks out for me.

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  1. Great couples you have picked here. I haven't read these books yet, but a couple are on my list. Need to grab up J.D. Robb and soon.