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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dewey's Sign-up!

I think that my years are starting to revolve when Dewey's are, they seem to come along so quickly, of course the Reverse Dewey's was great, so that did give us another one this year. Seems like every time I turn around, it's time for Dewey's!

This is my 10th? I think? And I've gone the full 24 hours every time. Looking forward to doing the same again this time around. Anyone else?

Leave me a message if you are doing Dewey's, so I can follow your progress! I love to follow other blogs, as I don't do the whole Twitter/Instagram thing. I'm too long winded for either of those, I gotta talk too much for that! :)

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  1. I hope your readathon is going well! I'm at Can't wait to see how your 'thon goes!