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Friday, June 20, 2014

ARC Review ~ Her Last Whisper by Karen Robards

Finished ~ Her Last Whisper (Charlotte Stone 03) by Karen Robards
Completed 6/20/14
5 of 5 stars
336 page eBook

I was sent this book by the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review.

Her Last Whisper is the 3rd in the Charlotte Stone series. This series is fantastic, but should not be read as stand alone books, the series only works if you read them all and understand the background of this very very different series.

Dr Charlotte Stone studies serial killers to try to figure out how they end up the way they do. She works within a prison, interviewing inmates there, but has also helped the FBI with cases. In this book, Charlotte is approached by Tony Bartoli, the FBI agent who she has worked with previously and who has a romantic interest in her, when the sister of another FBI agent goes missing in Vegas. The missing woman is feared to be the latest in a string of women who have gone missing, they fear a serial killer is trolling the city, grabbing tourists.

Charlotte doesn't just study serial killers, she also has the ability to see recently deceased if they have been involved in a violent death. She also has her own personal ghost, Michael, who is with her at all times. She uses her own "gifts", of which a new one has surfaced, and Michael's insights to help in the case. She calls in a psychic friend, for another reason, and she ends up helping with the case as well, everything she mentioned "seeing" in her vision coming true for the team.

Her Last Whisper was fantastic and fast paced. The characters, as always, were wonderful. Of course, they were in my own personal favorite place in the world, Vegas, so I can't help but love that as well. It was a very engaging read and I highly recommend this series to anyone who doesn't mind a little bit of paranormal in their reads. I'm already anxiously waiting for the next book, and this one isn't even out yet. :)

Setting = A+
Plot = A
Conflict = A
Characters = A+
Theme = A

Don't forget the first two books in this wonderful series!


  1. I have only read one book by Karen Robards but I did like it.
    This series sounds good.

  2. I don't remember ever reading a book by this author but this book jumped out at me on Netgalley. Sounds really good! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I don't remember ever reading anything by this author, but this book did jump out at me on Netgalley. Sounds really good! Glad you enjoyed it.