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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Favorite Sports Teams

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Ohhhhh, a subject I love, almost as good as books and video games. Sports!! I am a sports fan, and I don't just SAY I'm a fan. I actually KNOW my sports. I am a lifelong football (American Football, not that World Cup crap ~ no offense intended for soccer fans) fan, diehard baseball fan, occasional watcher of Nascar, Golf, both Winter and Summer Olympics, Winter X-Games and even Monster Jam!! I don't watch any soccer, basketball, wrestling/MMA.

My main sports loves are Football and Baseball. We pay for cable for sports, it's almost all we watch on TV. Having lived the first 13 years of my life just an hour north of Pittsburgh, I am a diehard STEELERS fan.

Some of my favorite all time players ~ Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis & Troy Polamalu. I took this photo of Hines at Magic Kingdom in 2005 after their Super Bowl win.

Though I also grew up with the Pirates, I didn't watch baseball as religiously growing up. It wasn't until my hubby and I got together that we both really started watching baseball again and were able to go to 3 games. So, we've been following our team since 2006. But then, in 2012, we moved from FL to NC and had to have a second team, one we can watch daily up here. Of who we can get, it was an easy choice. So now we have one AL team we've followed since 2006 and our NL team since 2012.

Favorite current players ~ Longo, Zorilla (Rays) ~ Rendon, Desmond, LaRoche (Nats)
Favorite former players ~ John Jaso, Carlos Pena (former Rays)

Nascar's a bit trickier. It's a sport I can take or leave. I mainly love the big tracks ~ Daytona & Talladega, and a few others. I don't have one favorite driver, but like 3.

I'll admit it, I rarely watch Golf, and only when Tiger is playing. I especially love the Winter Olympics and Winter X Games, but I enjoy some Summer Olympics as well. It'd take too long to go through all the ones I do like. It's enjoyable when it comes around.

Finally, what's sports without a little MONSTER TRUCKS?!
And, I'm a sucker for the best.

Though my heart always has room for a few Mutts too!!

I wish Football was on everyday. It stinks how fast football season goes by. I should mention, by the way, that I also feel obliged to root for my husbands team, the Bucs. He swears I won't, but I hope someday to sway him to the Black and Gold side. This season is only the 2nd time our teams have played against each other since we've been together. It's not a pretty day!! :) At least, in the meantime, I have my Nats and I can occasionally watch the Rays when they are playing the O's. I love love love Football and Baseball!!

Hmmmmmmmm. I understand this Meme is popular, but I don't understand doing this particular week if you aren't a sports fan. I wouldn't join in, if it was only about wrestling or if it was a discussion on art ~ two random things I have NO interest in whatsoever. So why post, when you aren't a sports fan?! Here I was, all excited to visit and comment at all the blogs and it was fun but I'm left shaking my head too. It's sad to have the negativity for such a positive, to those who WANT to post about it, subject.

Tell me about your favorite sports teams!
I promise to try to be nice! Love the person,
not their crappy choices in teams!

Disclaimer ~ can't be nice to Yankee, Red Sox, Bengals or Ravens fans! :)
Disclaimer 2 ~ Kidding!! :D


  1. I'm kind of sad football is not a thing here (in Finland) or in UK where I study (and get bad glances every time I say football is (American Football) and Soccer is European football). I lived in America, so football will always be football for me.
    I liked how you said that you wish there would be football on every day - that is exactly what I think about ice-hockey.
    Damn those Nascar drivers are hot.

    1. Yes, Yes they are!! When I started watching Nascar, in 2005, I had 2 criteria to pick my driver. 1 ~ they couldn't drive a Ford & 2 ~ they had to be cute. So, that's how I came to be a Kasey Kahne fan. As I learned the sport, and the drivers, I don't go for the popular ones, so Jamie was a close second. But I adore Carl's personality so he is a favorite too. They are DEFINITELY the best looking trio of the sport!

  2. YESSSS!!!!! I'm a diehard Steelers fan too! Woohoo, I knew I liked you! And yes, Hines Ward was my favorite too!
    And :-( I sorely miss Coach Cower. I always joked that Bill Cower was my favorite player.
    Did you see Hines Ward on Dancing with the Stars a few years ago?

    So where do you live now? Are you still in PA? I know you commented on my moving to PA post, but never said where you live.

    1. Awesome that you are a Steelers fan!! I knew you lived in PA, but didn't know if you even liked football. Most who live there do, but you never know. :) I miss Cower as well, he was/is so great. I didn't get to see Hines on DWTS. We didn't have tv that year, but I've seen some highlights.

      I'm in NC now. I lived in PA just til I was 13 then was moved to central FL where I lived for 22 years. We just moved to the mountains of NC 2 years ago. I LOVE it. I miss the FL theme parks, but not the heat. I'm a cold weather gal. :)

  3. I LOVE love love this post! You know I'm a big Steelers fan. I get berated and made fun of it because I live in Ohio, but I love my team!! I miss football and can't wait for it to come back on. It's the only reason we pay for cable. Hubby is a Bears fan, but I'm okay with it as long as he doesn't like the Browns. Lol.

    We also love baseball and cheer on the Indians. It's the only Ohio team we like. I don't like basketball or college sports. We watch occasional college football. I grew up watching NASCAR, and we catch a few races here and there when we're home.

    Great post!

    1. I've wondered how Steeler fans in Ohio and Maryland fair. :) Steeler fans are everywhere, it's awesome. We have a few here in this crazy little mountain town. I miss it as well, but I'm glad to see my Nats daily. They are doing great. Unfortunately our Rays aren't doing so well this year. :( My hubby watched college football, he's a huge FSU fan. I never got into them. I think if I stayed in PA I would have been a Pitt or Penn fan, and I did think Paterno was an overall great man, who just made a few mistakes.

  4. Here we go Steelers, here we go! Yay! I'm glad to find more Steelers fans today thanks to this post. :)

    My favorite sports teams!

    1. Steeler fans are the BEST!! :) Crazy (definitely me!), but the best!! :)

  5. Love your disclaimers! Since I'm from Oregon, I'm a big Oregon State fan for college football, and most definitely NOT an Oregon duck fan. Ever. Nope. No way. LOL :) Not particularly a Steelers fan, but nothing really against them either :)

  6. I completely agree about the negativity this week. It made me really sad when the post was just about how much they hate sports. I had a lot of fun doing my post and then kind of felt bombarded by the negativity of a couple of the posts. :(
    Also, I love your disclaimers. Haha.

  7. LOL I can't get into the World Cup either.
    American Football isn't shown very often on TV here in Australia but I like to sit down and watch it if I have time when it's on. It's so different to our football, much more tactical.
    I hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

  8. I love love the Broncos. So I am jealous of you getting to go see your team in a Superbowl parade. I thought I was going to see the Broncos in one this year but that didn't happen. BOO! I love NASCAR so much and actually just went to a race in Kansas City. It was so fun and my fav driver Jeff Gordon won!!!