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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ARC Review ~ The Homecoming by Robyn Carr

Finished ~ The Homecoming (Thunder Point 06) by Robyn Carr
Expected publication ~ August 26, 2014
Completed 6/26/14
5 of 5 stars
400 page eBook

I reviewed this ARC from NetGalley for my honest review, and fangirl moment ~ I was SUPER excited!! I had JUST finishing up The Promise the day before, which had just been released and here the publisher is giving me The Homecoming?!?! I squealed like a girl, and stayed up until 2am finishing it!! Another wonderful Thunder Point book, can I go live there?!

This was the first Thunder Point book, where we meet all new people. In the first book, The Wanderer, we know Cooper from the Virgin River series. In the books after that, we either know both main characters, as in the case of Mac & Gina in The Newcomer, or we know one of the characters and a new one comes to town. In this one, there are 4 new to us main characters. It took me just a little bit to get into the flow of this one, but once I did, Thunder Point grabs me in.

We learn about Seth Sileski in The Promise. He's coming to town to take over a job and he's known to those who grew up around there, as he did as well and then left but now is coming back. Iris is his childhood best friend and he's looking forward to rekindling their friendship, if not more. Iris, on the other hand, harbors a life long resentment towards Seth, though in her heart she's never stopped loving him. Can they move on together, after so much weighing on their past?

I adored Iris and Seth, though their situation of resentment is different, I very much related to them, in opposite ways!! I related to Seth, a guy who goes to his best friend with talks of other girls, honestly not knowing that it's breaking her heart into pieces because she wants him to notice HER as more than just a friend. I did this same thing, to my male best friend. Talked of the guy I was dating, treated him like a pal, and unknown to me, broke his heart in tiny pieces to the point where by graduation he was no longer speaking to me!! I didn't get it, or understand it, until years later when I reached out to him (only 7 for us, not 17) and found not only my best friend again, but a man who had been in love with me for over 11 years. Again like Seth, I realized that being in love with your best friend is the best thing in the world!! You don't realize it at first, you think it's just a friend thing, but as you grow older, you realize it's the purest and greatest love there is!!

I'm glad that Seth too his time with her, and when she was ready, told her how he truly felt, instead of not being honest. Love backed by friendship does that, and it's a wonderful wonderful thing!!

Some of the side story, with the Delaney's, was hard to read, but still very well written, as Robyn Carr is known to do.

This was another wonderful Thunder Point book, it makes me want to pack up and move there, to find these wonderful people!! It was neat to meet some other people in town, but still get a peek at old friends we've loved through the first 5 books.

Setting = A+
Plot = A
Conflict = A-
Characters = A+
Theme = A

I LOVE this series!! If you haven't yet tried it, I highly recommend it, and the series it spun off from, Virgin River. Robyn Carr's books soak into you, really make you feel you are on this rocky coast with this town of lovable people. I grab her books up, every time a new one comes out and I'm grateful to have been given this one, as an ARC. I'm a huge fan, and if just one person (hopefully tons more) discover Robyn Carr by the help of this post, then I'm really thrilled!! You won't be disappointed!!

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  1. I love the Thunder Point books!! As an Oregonian, I have been to the area where the fictional town is supposed to be--it's so pretty. Most of the cities named in the book (besides Thunder Point) are real--I think I remember Coos Bay being named in the book. The Oregon Coast is gorgeous--though generally rainy and windy :)

  2. Very nice review Karsyn. Very exciting to go from one book into the next and then to personally relate to the plot. I have this one to review too, but have a few books in between I need to read first. However I always look forward to Thunder Point.