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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Book Review ~ Relentless by Anna Wells

Finished ~ Relentless by Anna Wells
Completed 6/7
1.5 of 5 stars
282 page eBook

I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

This erotica follows Michaela & Jordan who become friends after Michaela finds her fiance in bed with Jordan's girlfriend. Little does Michaela know, Jordan wants HER and after a year of being "just friends" he finally makes his move.

This book was pretty bad. First, I don't nitpick grammar or misspelled words, it happens to everyone, but there were so many miss-edits in this, even I noticed it, and that's pretty bad. Beyond that, the writing was pretty weak, juvenile to me. Weird words, weird structure at times. The back and forth point of views were quite choppy.

With the story itself, they almost felt like they were pre-teens, instead of successful adults. She had always been cheated on, in her previous relationships. He's so intent on making sure she's over the ex that he makes her feel like he doesn't want her at all. Then, the "secret". He's rich, of course, has kept it from her, of course, and she's affronted for 5 minutes that he's "lied". **Roll Eyes here!** I won't even go back through the book and count how many times the words "evil billionaire" were stated. We get it!

The friends to lovers (you can be both!) theme, as well as the rich boy who hides his wealth, has been done over and over. This one just didn't do it well at all. This book was very very disappointing, I'm very sorry to say.

Setting = B
Plot = D
Conflict = D
Characters = D-
Theme = C


  1. Boo! Hope the next books in your line-up are better!

  2. Ouch!! Ha ha. I gave a book titled 18 Things a one star rating on Goodreads because the book was not researched at all!! Plus, like you noted with Relentless, the writing was juvenile. The author was supposed to be a middle school English teacher. Lol. It just makes me say, "Why?"