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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ TBR Lists

Thursday Thoughts is weekly, and hosted by Ok, Let's Read

I came across a post by a blogger who I follow who had this Thursday Thoughts posted, and I though it sounded interesting, so I thought I would join in. I don't want this blog to be all about meme's (how I HATE that word). I see the good, and the bad, so I'm just trying to find the few that I enjoy to post occasionally when the topic is good, rather than all the time.

So anyways, this topic is about TBR lists. So, I'm curious ~ do you make them? What about monthly TBR? How often do you stick to them, do you have to stick to them? Do you hate it if you don't get to them all? These are the questions I think of when people are posting their plans for the month.

I never ever plan out a monthly, or any kind, of TBR list. I have my TBR pile at GoodReads, and I just pick what sounds good to me at the moment. If I make a list, it's a sure thing that I WON'T get to the majority of that list, if any. It's an ongoing joke with my hubby and I about many things. We just can not plan. Plans get shot to shit for us, and then if we cared about said plans, we're upset about it, so it's better to just not plan. (A funny story, as an example. This past New Years, my hubby and I decided, around 10pm New Years Eve, that we were going to watch the ball drop. We don't care about, or do, holidays so this was something very different for us. We hadn't watched a New Years celebration in at LEAST the previous 7 years. But, we thought, we'd do something different and planned to watch it. Remember what I said about our plans being shot to shit? Well, the power went out, in the whole side of our town, at 11:45pm and was off for an hour!!! That's our luck with planning, and why we don't do it!!)

I almost never know what I am going to read from one book to the next. There are only a few times that I do. 1 ~ if I start a new series and I'm LOVING it, I will often go right into the next one, but only if I love love love love it. 2 ~ if there is a book coming out that I'm waiting on, I know I'll read it when it comes out.

I have NO idea what all I will read this month, and really, I don't want to know. I just like to read what I am feeling like at the time. I do know that at some point, since they are being released this month, I will be reading ~ Vanished by Kendra Elliot, When Day Breaks by Maya Banks and The Promise by Robyn Carr. The rest of the month I'll just wing it, when the time comes for a new book to read!! :)

As an extension of this, how does everyone manage their overall TBR pile, either a physical pile of books, or like me a huge list at GoodReads? Do you have everything you own on there, do you keep it updated as you see a new book to read, or do you not mess with it at all?

I LOVE my GoodReads TBR shelf, which I recently (less than 6 months ago) purged. I realized that I had full series on there, when I haven't even tried the first ones yet, and other books on there that I wasn't interested in anymore. My list went from about 1300 to just over 700. I use my GoodReads as my main source to find my next book!

What about you all?
I'd love to hear the answers to the questions I asked here,
or see your Thursday Thoughts links!


  1. My TBR pile is a monster! I keep it primarily on Goodreads, but I also use an app called Wunderlist to keep my list synced between my laptop, iPad and phone. Everything on my Goodreads list is in there and then once I own a copy of the book I add a star. That way, if I'm out and about or downloading online, I just have to look at that list (which is divided up into alphabetized segments by title). I'm considering rearranging it to be by author, but it would take me a while to switch that all over.

  2. I just responded a big long comment and it didn't go through. Drats!

    I'm the same way with my TBR list - I can never plan ahead. I'm a mood reader and most of the time I don't know what I want to read until the day I'm ready to start a new book. I 'think' I can plan ahead, and it usually always changes. I keep an on deck shelf on Goodreads so that I can keep track of books I need to review soon or books that sound really good to me in that moment. I will reference it first when I'm ready to start a new book, in hopes to narrow down my options quicker. The books on that shelf rotate out weekly. :)

    I also purge my Goodreads TBR list every few months. I know I'll never get to all of the books I add, and with all of the new shiny books released that I want read, I get overwhelmed with my list. I can barely manage reading 100 books a year with all of the new books constantly releasing, so I try to keep my list under 150. And I don't add books I have at home on the shelves unless I actually decide to pick them up and read them. I use Goodreads to just keep track of the books I know I'm dying to read at some point.

    That's funny about New Years and not planning anything ahead. I am usually a big planner and hate waiting to the last minute for anything. I need to plan everything ahead - except books. Kinda funny, I guess that I'm the complete opposite when it comes to reading. I like too many genres of books and my mood changes constantly. :)

    Great post!! I love this discussion!

  3. My TBR list is pretty much any book I am interested in and think I will ever read in my life tie! So my TBR list has over 1000 books! LOL

    Whenever I get a GC I go through my TBR list first to choose what to buy.

    And unfortunately - I do plan out my monthly reading. I have so many review books I do a month so I actually have a calendar that I check everytime I get a review request and I pencil them in! Then I fill in the blanks with my own reads. I make a stack of book that will be read that month so that is my TBR stack and it is usually about 8-10 books high not counting the e-books! Whew!