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Monday, December 15, 2014

ARC Review ~ One Wish by Robyn Carr

Finished ~ One Wish (Thunder Point 07) by Robyn Carr
Completed 12/15
4 of 5 stars
400 page Kindle book
Expected Publication ~ Feb 24th

I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

Thunder Point is one of my favorite series right now and with this one, we are back to Thunder Point with Grace, who owns a flower shop and Troy, a teacher at the high school, both of who we met in the last few books. In this one, Grace and Troy turn their friendship into a bit more, but there's a little bit of drama going on in this book both with them, and with the other people in the town. One of my favorite things about the Thunder Point series is that each book isn't just about one couple, but it continues to follow the lives of multiple people in town. It's really enjoyable because you are almost always seeing the people that you read about before, and seeing what is going on with them now.

I had a hard time debating what to rate this, and for me, it was more of a 3.5, BUT it is ONLY because of my own personal views on some of the things that happened. I didn't want to rate down just because I don't like certain situations or things that were written, because that's my own bad hang ups. Overall, the town is still fantastic, the people are great, and it really was another enjoyable story from Thunder Point.

But, I feel I should share the negative parts, for me, because maybe there are others out there like me who don't want to read about some of that stuff.

1st off, there are pregnancies. A lot of them. Sorry if that's considered a "spoiler" since it wasn't on the blurb. But I don't do pregnancy reads. If I had known there were pregnancies in it, I would have thought hard and long about if I wanted to read it but I definitely wouldn't have asked for it from NetGalley because it affects my views of the book. Most people, I'm sure, have no problems with pregnancies in books. I'm not most people, and I do.

2nd, and even worse, there were talks about stillborn babies and infant deaths. Again, spoiler, perhaps, but I'd rather warn against that. I don't skim my books, but I skimmed these parts where they were talking about that. It is NOT something I want to relive, thank you very much. Those parts of the books were NOT enjoyable for me and I'm sure they may not be enjoyable for most people.

3rd and finally, you have a woman who has been estranged from her mother for 5+ years. All of a sudden, she finds out that the mother is dying and all is forgiven and she's going to be caring for her mother. Perhaps that's what happens, if the mother is just a bitch? It rang untrue for me, again because of my own experiences. Perhaps it's because the person who gave birth to me is pure evil, but there would never be any kind of reunion, no matter what. I would have definitely enjoyed it better if there was no further contact there. But, too many authors have to have that happily ever after, on all fronts, so of course it all ends all perfectly.

One Wish is one of my least favorites of the series, but still a great book. I just have my own issues and personal life affecting my view of the book. Overall, it's a wonderful series, and it's good to read this book to be caught up in the lives of Thunder Point. That being said, as one of my favorite series (top 5 easily), I have to think long and hard if I'm going to continue with the series since babies are going to be born soon, and that's not what I want to read. :(

I highly recommend this series, and this book, to romance fans. Robyn Carr is a great storyteller and I've loved almost every book that she has written. I'm not a pure romance fan, I typically like a little suspense with my romance, but Robyn Carr is one of just a few authors who I can read just romance from because her stories are so great.

Setting = A+
Plot = A
Conflict = B
Characters = A
Theme = A

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