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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Read Play Blog #6 ~ Gaming Wish List & Recommendations

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.


What is Read Play Blog?
A monthly meme about video games and books!

How does Read Play Blog work?
Every month, we’ll ask you a discussion question about your VG interests and recommend a game based on a book we liked. We’ll have a linky, and you can make your own post answering the question and recommendation, and link up!

When does the post go up?
On the 16th of every month to pay homage to retro 16 bit games.

Who can participate in Read Play Blog?
Anyone who likes video games! No matter the genre or age, whether you like action/shoot-em-ups or story-driven RPGs or point-and-click games, or if you’re a new gamer or a seasoned one, you’re very welcome to participate!

Gaming Wish List & Recommendations

Sorry I didn't join in last month. I had a cold for a month straight and I didn't do my normal level of blogging, I just didn't feel up to it. But I'm back for this month's installment of Read, Play, Blog and I'm super super super excited about gaming right now..... or at least I will be. I can finally share my news with people who will understand, so I hope you'll indulge me for a moment.

My hubby and I both have been long time console people, I guess because it's easy. You see a system, you buy it, you buy the games. End of story. Well, within the last few weeks I started to wonder about a Gaming PC. When I want something, I REALLY research it, and look into it, so I looked into everything and I went from thinking a gaming PC might be a cool thing to have, to "OMG I wanna build my own Gaming PC NOW!!!" We don't have a lot of money to spend on consoles and games (we JUST bought our PS3 last year when GTAV came out) but my hubby had told me because he needed to buy somethings recently, he felt like he was leaving me out, and that when our tax money comes in, I can go wild (within reason, lol). So, I get to build a gaming computer!! I'm BEYOND excited, and I wish it was tax time already. LOL!! I've been over at PCPartPicker non-stop and I have a pretty good rig (I think) picked out. It's been exciting to research and learn about it, which I've never done before. I've played a FEW games on PC, like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sim City, but nothing really major. I can't wait to get it, and build it! I'm soooooooo very excited!!

That being said ~ I've already been trying to figure out what I wanna get and when! A few things aren't out yet, but many things I do want are, and I can't wait to play them!! Right now, of games that are released, I most want ~

Games not out yet, that I want sooooooooo bad ~

My Recommendations ~


  1. I have a decent pc, but I am sure it can't compare to an actual gaming pc. That's so exciting you get to choose and build your own gaming pc! I always prefered console gaming, but ever since I met my boyfriend I've been playing more pc games.

    I get a bit depressed every time I see a mention of kh3, I was so excited for this game, but now less so as it's for the ps4 and I can't afford to buy a new console, which means I can't play it. And the wait just has been too long.

  2. Eee, so excited for you and your new PC! To answer your question from your other post, it was super fun to build, though I'll admit to having help from a friend who knows his way around computers as well as my wonderful boyfriend who put 80% of the thing together for me. I provided some assistance and a lot of encouragement. ;) Once you go to buy, Newegg is a really great site for affordable components! Plus, they offer all sorts of rebates on their parts, so the total comes out to less overall.

    As for games, your list looks awesome! Watch Dogs came free with my parts from Newegg (another bonus!), though it isn't quite my gaming style so I gave it to the boyfriend.

    Loving your list of games! I'm into watching people play as much as I'm into playing (I'm weird, I know), so I watched my boyfriend play through Arkham City, and it looked GREAT. I can only imagine the next installment is going to be even better! I tried to play KH when I was a kid but got stuck early on... I may have to revisit these games.

    As for others, I have a lot of fun with Team Fortress 2 (free to play, so no money spent if you don't like it!), Skyrim, Civ 5, Torchlight II, Portals 1 & 2, and the Bioshock series. Ugh, just typing this out makes me want to go home and play some games!

    Best of luck with your new build, and if you figure out Steam, definitely add me! :)

  3. My friend tried to make a gaming PC... it never worked. He had all the pieces it's just it never powered on. Now it's just sitting there. Such a bummer for him. I am so excited for the new Batman and the new Kingdom Hearts!!! Should be good games!

    Angela's Anxious Life

  4. I've always wanted to build a gaming PC too, though I think I would make it such that it's good for all my other work too. :P Mainly as a way of justifying the expense to myself, haha! I think there's a company out there that can help you build one. As far as I remember, you pick the different components, which they put together and ship to you.

    1. Yeah, it'll definitely be good for other things as well. I've been using PCPartPicker. It's a way to say what components you want and make sure everything goes together and works together. It's pretty neat. I'm looking forward to putting it together myself though, it's going to be so fun and neat.