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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 10 of 2014 ~ Best Covers

Today's topic is best COVERS of books released in 2014. Of the 303 books (and counting) that I've read this year, just over 100 of them were released this year. I love covers and I'm definitely one to judge a book by it's cover. I love my recommendations at GoodReads, but if I tried to look over them all, I'd not get any reading done. So, I only check out the ones with covers I like. I might be missing out on some good stuff, but I also find so many great books. Unlike yesterday's post, where I made sure to have some not as well known books, I've included just my favorites of the year, so this has a mix of well know, and less known, books.

Thanks to everyone who visited my page yesterday. I love getting visitors!! I had visited all of the participants last night, it was great to visit you all and see new blogs. :) Thanks especially for the comments, I love commenters, and I made a point on commenting on most of the blogs I visited. I hope to see you back, and say HI again if you'd like. :)

Here are the covers I liked most from this year, linked to GR. I have also read all of these books.

Top 10 ~ Best Covers of 2014

1 ~ Cruel Beauty ~ Best cover of the year, for me, and a great story too. I think this cover is so stunning and I love it so much. A really enjoyable story as well, definitely a favorite of the year.

2 ~ Frozen ~ Another favorite book of the year, this series not only has beautiful covers but also has great characters and a great storyline.

3 ~ Time's Edge ~ It's a running theme that I enjoyed all the books that I thought had beautiful covers, I guess that's why I judge a book. That's not to say I didn't enjoy a book that had a not-so-pretty-to-me cover, I definitely did (Vault of Dreamers ~ hate that eye) but I definitely like it when I love both the book AND the cover.

4 ~ The One ~ Though from the series, The Elite was my favorite cover, the cover for this is still so stunning. I'm not a girlie girl and some of these books were too girlie but for the most part, I really enjoyed them and the covers, though girlie, are just beautiful!

5 ~ The Great Zoo of China ~ My 2nd favorite book of the year, and favorite book that was published in 2014, this cover says a lot with very little. It's striking and though not normally what I'd probably say is beautiful, definitely a great cover.

6 ~ Nil ~ I love water and I love islands, so this cover definitely caught my eye. Great story with good characters. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one.

7 ~ Induction Day ~ This time traveling series didn't make my best of, but was still an enjoyable series, for the most part. I didn't like some stuff about it (a lot of drug use) but I loved the time traveling parts. This cover is really pretty for multiple reasons.

8 ~ Dorothy Must Die ~ another enjoyable book/series that didn't quite make my top lists. I enjoyed them, and this cover is pretty unique.

9 ~ Sight Unseen ~ my favorite covers usually don't have people on it, but this one is pretty unique and it's a great book as well. Definitely a favorite of the year, though not cracking into the top 10 of what I read, but definitely of the top 10 that were published in 2014.

10 ~ Elusion ~ This cover is definitely colorful and unique. The book was ok, not the best, but enjoyable. The cover could be a little more clearer but overall, it's eye catching.

What covers caught YOUR eye this year?

Holiday Disclaimer:

I just wanted to mention that I hope I don't offend anyone by not saying Merry Christmas wishing a good Holiday. We don't celebrate Christmas, not for religious (or none as it is) reasons, but because we don't find joy in holidays. It's not a time of year I enjoy (though I used to) and it doesn't even feel like Christmas to me, it's just another week. So, I don't mean to offend, and I hope that I don't, when I'm not wishing you all a good holiday, it's just that I'd rather not be reminded it is one. I DO hope you all are having a great time though!


  1. Hi! I love the covers for Elusion, Nil, Dorothy and The One! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Great covers! I almost put Cruel Beauty on my list, too, and I love the Time's Edge cover, haven't seen it before, but so gorgeous :)

  3. Cruel Beauty is on a lot of top ten cover lists, it is lovely. Have you seen the cover for the sequel to Dorothy Must Die? I love that one, too, so I guess I'll have to have it for my shelves, even though I don't care much for her writing style. Lol. Thanks for stopping by for a peek at mine. :)

  4. Dorothy Must Die is such a beauty *-* I've seen The One on quite a lot of posts today :p

    Here's my Best Covers of 2014 post :)

  5. Cruel Beauty does have one of the loveliest covers. I need to get around to actually reading the book.

    -Amanda @The Golden Mantle

  6. Great covers!! Cruel Beauty & Elusion made my Top Ten Fave Covers of 2014 as well. I also love The One and Frozen too!!! Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten @ Addicted Readers! :)

  7. Cruel Beauty does have a beautiful cover! Great list!

  8. Love the covers of Frozen, Cruel Beauty, Elusion! How could I forget Elusion's cover?! Ahhh, so gorgeous. Fabulous list!

    Happy holidays :)

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  9. I find no joy in Christmas either honestly. I used to . Anyway I heard Nil was a good book and Cruel Beauty is popular as well, although YA is tricky for someone my age, I still enjoy them. I am guessing it's a YA novel?

  10. I really like the cover of Nil, it isn't one I've seen before.

  11. Cruel Beauty and The One are so pretty! Everyone had to include them! Elusion is stunning as well! I love Dorothy Must Die as well! Such a great cover for the retelling! Thanks for stopping by my Best Book Covers of 2014

  12. Beautiful covers they’re all such great picks! Thanks so much for taking part in the Top 10 of 2014! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Top 10’s :D
    Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books

  13. I completely agree with you on Cruel Beauty. One of my all time favorite covers (and books). Great picks.

  14. Great pics and such beauty covers. Can't wait to see your next list.

  15. Great covers! I love The One and plan to read it soon. Thanks for visiting my blog =)

  16. I think everyone's got Cruel Beauty on their list, haha (me included!). I'm a huge fan of Dorothy Must Die, too! Great list, thanks for sharing!

  17. I am loving the covers of Elusion and Frozen. Great picks! I have Cruel Beauty on my list as well. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog :)