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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book of the Year Bracket Challenge!

There's a new challenge out there! Out of all the books you read each year, I'm sure you know what is your favorite, right? But what is your top 4? Top 8? You might not know that. Here's a challenge to find out! It's a March Madness Tournament for Books!!

Elle over at Erratic Project Junkie has set up a Book of the Year (BOTY) Bracket Challenge

Read all your books for the year, get a tournament bracket and fill it in as the year goes along with your favorite books, in order that you read them, or randomly. Then, at the end of the year, let the tournament begin and see who fights it out and emerges as winner!! Here is more info from Elle ~

2014 Book of the Year Bracket Challenge

The Book of the Year Bracket Challenge is a blogging challenge open to all reading bloggers and operated by Elle at Erratic Project Junkie.  Participants set a goal for the number of books they wish to read in a year and then enter those books into an NCAA style bracket of any size and in any order they choose. During January 2015, all participating bloggers will begin working through their brackets, eliminating books and picking champions with the ultimate goal of naming their favorite book (book of the year) for 2014. For all BOTY Bracket Challenge information, scheduling, and updates, visit
Erratic Project Junkie.

Hope to see you all join in!! :)

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  1. So glad you're going to play Karsyn! Should be fun.