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Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review ~ Blood Line by John Davis

Finished ~ Blood Line by John J. Davis
Completed 10/12
3.5 of 5 stars
300 pages

I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

Blood Line is about the Granger family. A seemingly ordinary family who are anything but. When two guys break into the house, Ron and Valerie spring into action, killing one and incapacitating the other as their teenage daughter stands by. She soon finds out that her family has kept some secrets from her, her mild mannered parents are actually former spies.

When they find out that the break in was a kidnap attempt, the flee and call in old favors to try to figure out what to do next. What follows is a cat and mouse game in which the bad guys have no idea what they have walked into and are completely clueless.

I had a hard time trying to figure out what to rate this book. In the end I went with 3.5 and will upgrade that to 4 stars for GoodReads. I was unsure because I requested this book for the apparent action and I liked the action of it, but there was also these history lessons in which the mother told the daughter about her, and her family's former lives, and I found it brought all the action completely to a halt and it bored me to tears. The first 25%, and the last 40% was all fantastic action. The middle 35% was mostly dull for me, but good for background of the story and to learn more. It was ok, I just like all action. If you like a mix of both than this book is really great for you.

The action parts were definitely great, moving quickly and changing. While the blurb of the book focuses on Ron, it actually is Valerie that takes charge of everything and that's fantastic. Leecy, the daughter, it sucked in right away and loves learning this side of her parents and asks right away how she can become a spy as well.

I liked all 3 and I do plan to read more in the series. I hope now that the history lesson is over, the next one will be pure action. We shall see. :) I recommend this book for fans of action, thrillers and spy novels.

Setting = A
Plot = B
Conflict = A
Characters = A+
Theme = A

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