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Saturday, October 11, 2014

To Be Read List ~ Oct Poll ~ RESULTS!!

This poll meme is hosted by Because Reading is Better Than Real Life.

Last week I posted 3 books for you, my readers, to pick one for me to read and review. The results are in! :) I didn't have as many voters this time, I guess because it wasn't during a read-a-thon time. Not only that, but there was a tie! :)

So, the choices I gave you to choose from were ~

The Books:

And the Winner is:

Come back in two weeks for my review of BOTH Running on Empty & The Shepherd!
Thanks again to everyone who voted! :)


  1. I voted for Running on Empty, I hope you enjoy both those books. I almost had a tie last month and then urged my boyfriend to vote as I prefered to have only one book win.

  2. If you do get a tie you can always just pick the book you would rather read or flip a coin or read both books! I think it's great that you will be reading them both that's two books off your TBR list! Yay!!! :)
    I hope you enjoy them!!!