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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ARC Review ~ Bridged by Kendra Elliot

Finished ~ Bridged (Mason Callahan 02) by Kendra Elliot
Completed 01/05/15
4 of 5 stars
306 page Kindle
Expected Publication ~ Jan 27th

I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

Bridged is the newest book in the Mason Callahan series, which is a spinoff series from Elliot's Bone Secrets series. In this newest book, a series of bodies are found hanging off of area bridges. There seem to be no connections to the victims and the killer is moving quickly. Mason and Ava are working hard to figure out the connection and why the bridges. Meanwhile, Ava's twin is back and causing further problems for Ava and Mason.

I've read everything Kendra has written ~ all the Bone Secrets books, the novella series with Melinda Leigh and now this 2nd book of this series. I enjoy Elliot as an author, but I think that this story has been my least favorite so far. That's not to say it wasn't good, because it was enjoyable, it was just my least favorite of all her books so far. It was still worth a read into Mason and Ava's life.

What I didn't like about this one is Ava's twin, Jayne. She's a mess and just causes problems for Ava. I'd like it better if Ava just moved on and didn't try to look out for Jayne, but I have a warped sense of "family" and Ava is a good and descent person who will just continue to let herself be affected by her twin.

The serial killer was good though. He was definitely messed up, in multiple ways. The use of different bridges, from big to small was really neat and how it all came together was great. I love Mason, he's a good guy, kind and loving and forgiving of Ava when she isn't sure what it is that she wants sometimes. She carries too much baggage but Mason looks past it all and loves her anyways. That's what love should be!

Overall this was another great book by Elliot. I love reading her stuff, it's enjoyable romantic suspense, and I suggest it for fans of romance or romantic suspense. I look forward to Mason and Ava's next adventure.

Setting = A
Plot = B+
Conflict = B+
Characters = B
Theme = A

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