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Saturday, January 24, 2015

GoodReads Read-a-Thon Wrap-Up

Anyone else join in the 4 hour read-a-thon? What did you read? Did you have fun? Did you read longer than the 4 hours?

We stopped at 4, because Hubby needed a nap. :) He woke up around 5am today and couldn't go back to sleep, despite it being His day off. Poor guy. So, He's resting up.

Our read-a-thon was fun. Jesse read 47% (192 pages) of His book ~

I started my book (Private Vegas) and after I finished it, I read another 28% of a book I was working on already. In all, I read 507 pages in 4 hours.

What did you think of a 4 hour read-a-thon? It seemed more like a 4 hour sprint to me. Read-a-thons, to me, seem to mean an extended amount of time, but what do I know? :) I'm just glad that my Hubby was excited to do it and wanted me to do it with Him. Any takers on how many hours He'll last for Dewey's? I'll have to think about it, before I make my prediction, all I know is that it definitely won't be for the full 24 hours. :)

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