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Friday, September 12, 2014

Tackle Your TBR RaT ~ Day 5 Updates

Morning! YAWN! It's too early for me to be up! :)

Day 4 was my weakest day so far, I only finished 1 book. I was too excited about my game, and where did that get me? Disappointment. GEEEESH we played BAAAADDDD. Not just bad, but really really bad. Sigh! They showed SOOOOOOOOO much promise in the first quarter of the first game and it's just gone downhill from there. Oh well, such is life. Here's to hoping my fantasy players do great this weekend and I continue to win in the leagues I won in last week, and I win some more. Anyone else fantasy football players? :)

On to Day 5. No challenge today. :( Just a giveaway for books that aren't my kind of thing. Ah well, more time to read. :)

Before I get to my progress, could I ask a favor? If you wouldn't mind, today is the last day of voting for my To Be Read List ~ September Poll. If you want to help pick a book for me to read, go vote for one today, then come back tomorrow to see what I'll be reading and reviewing! Thanks to those who have voted already and for any others who vote as well. Join in on the fun yourself and have your readers vote for a book for you to read, by entering the next To Be Read List Poll over at Because Reading is Better Than Real Life.

On to what's happening for today. :)

The Progress:


Night Time Audio listening time/pages: 1 hr / 70 pages (Iron Trial)
Day Time Audio listening time/pages: 5 hr / 234 pages (Iron Trial)
Kindle reading time / pages:
Number of books I've read today: 1
Total number of books I've read: 9
Current Book:
Pages Read Today: 304 (Iron Trial)
Total Pages Read: 2,115 pages
Time Read Today: 6 hr
Total Time Read: 30 hr 30 min
Challenges Participated in today: none listed
Today's Completed Books:

Today's Completed Comics / digital chapters of Arkham Unhinged:

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How's your progress going? Are you hitting your goals? Flailing?
Leave me a link, and I'll come visit! I also need to start responding to my comments.
I've just been focusing on reading, as usual, but I appreciate them all!!
THANK YOU for visiting! HUGS!!

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  1. So what did you think of The Iron Trial? Those are two great authors, but I've heard mixed reviews. I'll probably read it anyway, but just curious. You're doing pretty awesome, btw!